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  1. I have just installed P3D V5 and FSUIPC 6.0.13 but I am unable to find the module folder in p3d Is it different in p3d v4.5 and V5.1? HenningR
  2. Sorry about that. I forgot that with the use of Mouse Flag you have to remove the initial setting 0,1,2 so Now it is OK HenningR
  3. Hi. I have problems with the hardware switches on electrical panel. They switch ok to off, but unable to switch them ON (GndPwr, APU Gen, both left and right and Gen 1 and 2) They work ok on the NGX. As long as they are momentary switches I have even tried to manually put in a left single (536870912) without any help. I can see the sw. moving normally on virtual cockpit but it seem like they miss the final touch. If I use switches on virtual panel they work OK Any good tips Henning Ringsvold
  4. Thanks Pete. It was the simulator itself that had put some items in the controls. I did not think of checking that because I had earlier deleted all of it HenningR
  5. I am programming switches via FSUIPC and using Leobodnar card. I have some problems on the overhead of PMDG 737-NGX. When switching on Left Recirc Fan the parking brake starting to alternate on/off all the time. Using Event ID 70504 When switching on the APU Bleed the trim wheel starting to trim Nose UP using 69843 When using both the left and right eng bleed switches every time I switch on the flaps increase 1 notch here using 69842 and 69844 When switching R Pack to High it also start to trim nose up. Any solution what to do
  6. Thanks. I have looked at it and don't understand it. I am totaly blanc when it comes to that sort of programming. Anyone that can help me how to in an easy way
  7. I am not familiar with that. Can anyone show me how to, or find an easyer way to solve the 64 button problems Will it be solved with a 6. upgrade? HenningR
  8. What can be done to use moore than 32 buttons on aboard on FSUIPC. I have the paid vers. 5.155 HenningR
  9. How can I put in an comment after the lines in FSUIPC.INI after the inouts in f.inst. in the buttons register. I would like to call the buttons by name after the Event ID. I have tried with different brackets, but after PC restart all the comments are gone. F.inst: Buttons. B737 2=R0,23,C69745 {Custom Control 69745} and I would like [Left Fixed Landing Light] How do I do that and not loosing it again on restart HenningR
  10. One last question Should the letter F in the formula be replaced with either C1003, C1004, C1005
  11. Thanks Pete. I have read the documentation, but yoy know there is'nt all that go straith in the place where it shoul. i di'nt knew that you had to add lines I thought you had to modify the already programed lines in the .ini file. I think I know a little moe now so thanks for your patience HenningR
  12. Is it possible to ask for a more specific action. As you probably see I am a novise in this field. I enclose the inifile and the page of FSUIPC for you to see the button in question here is las I can see line 24 whitch is the MCP LNAV button Is it possible to how to do it. HenningR
  13. What to use as parameter for push buttons when you want the first push to turn something ON and the next push to turn it off again. Is there solution on this problem or do you have to program via relay. Henning R
  14. Where do you put the figures 9192 16384. I tried to put them in as parameter but that did not help Henning
  15. Öf course you are correct it answer with 536870912 The reason for going back to 0 was that when the parameter was cleared it was a symbolin the parameter box that was not removed. But as I said I am trying to program the 2 GPS rotary and the alt preselect set Rotary on my PFC Radio panel. I want to use them as knobs for course selector and heading selector. I am programming via Buttons+Switches and using 70008 for the course and 70022 for heading but I am unable to get the rotary to turn anticlockwise. I cant find the correct parameter setting to do this. They turn ok clockwise. Henning Ringsvold
  16. I have on my PFC Radio Panel 3 rotary switches that goes both ways. I am getting them to turn course selector and heading selector clockwise but not counter clockwise- I have then asign course selector to 70008 and heading selector to 70022 Henning Ringsvold
  17. Ï have tried to follow the instruction in that article but everytime i put in the para (x20000000) f.inst next time I open FSUIPC it says 0- But then I am trying that in buttons and sw. and there is no confirm button
  18. I have tried to use 70008 for the course selector and 70022 for the heading selector and tried with diff para. setting Henning Ringsvold
  19. Ï have the FSUIPC 5.14 and LM P3Dv4.3.29.25520 Henning Ringsvold
  20. I try to program a rotary switch on my PFC Radiopanel for usa ase course selector and heading selector. This is with the use of FSUIPC and PMDG 737NGX I am unable to get it to turn anticlocwise. It turns ok clockwise. What do I have to do to get it to work both ways? Henning Ringsvold
  21. Thanks for all. All functioning and works ok. The fault was that When i installed first time i placed it under the same as p3d v3 and therefore under (x86). When I reinstalled it choose self the place and placed it under Program Files. Sorry my misstake that I thought (x86) was the 64 bit folder. Henning R
  22. Thanks for that answer. I guess the best will be then to uninstall in ProgramFiles(86) and let it be under ProgramFiles. I was'nt aware that the 86 was 32 bit I thought that was the 64 bit. What files do I need for the serial Avonic to function? Best HenningR
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