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  1. Hi, I have to reactivate Fiber Accelerator but no kind of response when clicking the bar so I guess you'll have to reactivate the serial number. I had to reinstall FSX. I am using WIN 10, 64 bit and FA worked fine before. Kind regards gunbjo
  2. FSUIPC4 not finding DLL:XML when reinstalling.

    Well, I am using Internet Explorer now instead of Goggles because I dont like the way they changed Goggles. Yes this site was presented in my search. I don't think people always do it intentionally, and it can be difficult sometimes to know which site is the original site. And your app. is free so why try to go anywhere else. I am living in Italy so it seems as You get different results depending of where you live. It may be a way of avoiding that you discover that they exsist. It should be in the heading which is the official site,I think. My best regards to you Gunnar B
  3. FSUIPC4 not finding DLL:XML when reinstalling.

    They call themselves "Flyawaysimulations.com" and I don't know if they are authorizised or not. I just wrote "fsuipc4 free" and got several suggestions, also from your site, but your site isn't on the top of the list. The heading contains the version number too. If I remember right I also saw other versions offered that weren't the latest one. Gunnar B
  4. FSUIPC4 not finding DLL:XML when reinstalling.

    Now I have installed the latest version and it solved everthing. I started to suspect that my version was too old and perhaps corrupt in a way or another. I am sorry if I got you a bit upset but I am a novice in how the program works so sometimes i'm only guessing, and it can also bee difficult to know what is important to show. I see that many are more or less experts in how the computer and the programs work, but I am surely not. Anyhow I have appreciated ver much your help -- so many thanks, By the way, I see that there is still an offer on the net of ver.4.09. Gunnar B
  5. FSUIPC4 not finding DLL:XML when reinstalling.

    Yes, but I thought you had missed spelling somehow. Anyway I have the version 4.09 and there is no sign of a log file in those places. Sorry but I mixed it up with the readme file. It contained information about things that could go wrong. I see it was written by you 2007. At the end of the install I recived a kind of log but it was only a list about the paths it had searched without finding the DLL.XML file. Do I have a too old FSUIPC4 file?? or could it be corrupt?? I downloaded it in december 2014. The DLL.XML is there so why does the program stop at the word "ROAMING? It seems to expect the program to be there and not two steps further away. And in the FSX folder I don't find any FSUIPC folder if it should be placed there. Gunnar
  6. FSUIPC4 not finding DLL:XML when reinstalling.

    I found this in the User's guide: 5. Finds the path to your FSX.CFG file—or all of those that may be used if more than one. These are in folders related to the users of FSX. If a suitable path is not found, installation cannot be automatically completed. You will have to find it yourself and then either Edit the DLL.XML file you find there, or create a new complete DLL.XML file. Without this, FSX’s Simconnect system will not load FSUIPC4. (Details of the DLL.XML file will be posted on the Support Forum— I’d like to know of such cases so something better can be done if possible). 6. Finally, other files in the package are copied into the modules folder alongside FSUIPC4. Okay. If you are not Registering FSUIPC4 (because you are installing it only in order to run application programs or add-in aircraft panels) then you have now completed installation and can simply load up Flight Simulator and go fly. The only user facilities you have in FSUIPC4 are those shown in the Add-Ons–FSUIPC dialogue, including message display options (previously handled by AdvDisplay) and Logging. However, if you have I looked in the DLL.XML but there was nothing there that I could relate to FSUIPC4 so I may create a new one? But I don't know how. Gunnar B
  7. FSUIPC4 not finding DLL:XML when reinstalling.

    Thanks a lot for the fastest answer I have ever had in the sim sites. But I am sorry because I can't remember having seen the instalation page? I only have the readme and a doc. about what can go wrong with the installation. I am only using the freeware so perhaps it is better to download it again and that might solve the problem? Gunnar
  8. Hello, I had to reinstall FSX and and when I did the same with FSUIPC4 it said "Cannot edit the DLL.XML file to activate FSUIPC". Then it showed the path and it ended with ROAMING, but my path continues with 2 more steps: MICROSOFT and FSX. In AVSIM they have recommeded people not to place FSX in the Program folder but in C:\ FSX to avoid issues with Windows, so I did so and I guess it is the reason why this happen. I am using Windows 7. I am not very familiar with this system and the DLL:XML file but I hope there is a not too diffcult way to fix it or else I have to reinstall it in the Program folder again. Kind regards Gunnar B