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  1. bcooley66, Here is a list of the MD's with their livery and which Real Color Airport they are included with, to the best of my knowledge. For KLAX Real Color, you will get a MD11 for Federal Express and a MD80 for Allegiant Air. RickyJ
  2. :) Typo or Freudian slip? You be the judge. RickyJ
  3. If I am not mistaken, Tower!3DX is based on the Unity game engine. https://www.slant.co/topics/1495/~3d-game-engines RickyJ
  4. Yes, I agree. Hey FeelThere, can you make the next version without the 3D view and Nyerges can stop making the color planes? You can call it Tower!NoView. This seems to be getting popular. A couple people want to just see data tags. . RickyJ
  5. Sounds like you need to stick with Tower!2011!!!!!!!!! And makes those reference cards of the tail art, for which this thread was started by you, OBSOLETE!
  6. This would be great if you don't mind controlling a bunch of "White" planes since there is not a vehicle for custom liveries. RickyJ
  7. Hey Craig, Did you verify the date of the satellite picture? Maybe it was dated from 1990 and those little shrubs have grown into huge trees. :) Lovingly yours, RickyJ
  8. I'm confused, when I look at the 24 runways at KLAX they are on the right, but when I look at the 25 runways at KLAX they are on the left, then when I look at the 7 runways at KLAX they are on the right but they are on the left on the ADIRS, just like KSAN. And if you search the forum you will find that the wind direction has already been debated to death. RickyJ
  9. No comment. Personally, like John Candy, I have learned to go with the flow. RickyJ
  10. Craig is the one that did the screen capture. Looks like he ran a scenario with both an Ethiopian 788 and an Etihad 77L and they both had the Etihad colors. The texpack file indicates that there should be two Ethiopian paints, a B788 and B77L and three Etihad paints, a B77L, B77W and A388. I have not verified that this is in fact true. There seems to be some discrepancies between what is in the manifest file and what is exactly in the binary file. RickyJ
  11. FeelThere\Tower!3D Pro\Extensions\Airplanes\Texturepacks is the directory structure. Each airline has an ICAO code (three letters/numbers) and IATA code (two letters/numbers) DUB being the ICAO code and ET being the IATA code. So the graphic being used in Real Color would be B788_et.jpg, which is embedded in the airplanes_texpack3 file, which is a binary file. RickyJ
  12. But do you know the airline code that was used for your screen capture, because I found both Ethiopean and Etihad: B788_et.jpg B77L_et.jpg B77L_ey.jpg B77W_ey.jpg A388_ey.jpg In the KLAX texture pack. RickyJ Nevermind, I got my magnifying glass out and saw one was Ethiopean and the other Etihad, or was one Etihad and the other Ethiopean. At any rate they are both different airlines with the same colors. Sorry, you know us old people can not see very well. RickyJ
  13. Both versions will have them since there is only one version of Real Color and Real Traffic. RickyJ
  14. B737_ua.jpg CNT._9k.jpg B738_aa.jpg B738_sy.jpg A319_nk.jpg B752_aa.jpg B752_ua.jpg DH8C_li.jpg SF34_bb.jpg CNA._9k.jpg B752_dl.jpg E190_b6.jpg A320_b6.jpg A319_aa.jpg The Airplane and Airline Real Colors for TIST. RickyJ
  15. And don't forget that you have to have a matching airplane model and airline to get the correct colors. Hint: Take a look at the airplanes_texpack?.manifest file. The plane liveries are created by their IATA code. So even though the ICAO code (DUB) is for Dubai, the IATA code (ET) is for Ethiopian Airlines, so the colors will be Ethiopian Airlines. Then you have to have the correct model match. RickyJ
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