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  1. Hey Pete So the traffic tables are limited to 96 for ground and 96 for air. When at a very busy airport or area, there will always be a huge amount of ground traffic over air traffic. Would it be possible to have either a) bigger traffic tables for each or b) have all of the traffic in one table? So 96 x 2 is 192 - so that's 192 spaces in total for all traffic. For example, 130 ground traffic might fill the table and then say 50-60 air traffic. Of course, the exact amount of AI would vary still. Cheers
  2. Does your PC struggle with AI traffic? Have you ever wanted AI Traffic not to be loaded except where you're flying to/from, to increase performance? Here is your answer! Unwanted AI Remover will remove any AI which isn't flying to/from your Departure or Arrival airports. This can increase performance significantly! For example, say you are at London Gatwick - you will notice that AI traffic has loaded at London Heathrow. AI Traffic remover will remove the Heathrow traffic (and any other traffic, except EGKK and where you specify your Arrival airport say, LEBL). I have seen an increas
  3. Sorry, I am not really sure what I am supposed to be checking for. I have used the exact same offsets which Paul posted on here before.
  4. Hey Thomas Thanks for the reply. Should I get and use the ID from which my code pulls or the one in Trafficlook? For example, one AI in traffic look has the ID of 38, but in my code it is -38. In my code I am using the -38 one (all of mine are negative, but Trafficlooks are positive). The FS Control is 65535, which in the published offsets is for deleting the AI aircraft. I am not too sure on the Parameter, but setting it to 1 for true, seems logical? I presume I am writing the controls correctly?? I also tried just using '38' and '-38' in the ID value, instead of
  5. Hi guys Trying to delete AI Traffic through FSUIPC using C#. Have successfully got it to list all of the AI. I am just having problems deleting it. Using the code Paul gave here: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/79906-send-control-to-a-simobject/ But in my case, traffic do not seem to go away. The Offsets I am declaring: private Offset<int> id = new Offset<int>(0x2904); private Offset<int> ctrl = new Offset<int>(0x2908); private Offset<int> val = new Offset<int>(0x2900); private AITrafficServices AI; The code (this sh
  6. Hi That's strange then - maybe TrafficLook has a seperate way / hack? Although I am sure that the 6nm is my problem - Pete himself has said that this is the limit and that it was why I couldn't fetch much ground traffic data. Maybe even just having 39nm range for my program could work? Does anyone know how far away AI are spawned? Although I would much prefer unlimited, like the airborne aircraft - So I could remove them through my program before they are even spawned (I believe this would work because I remember a while ago I set TrafficLook to KJFK and a A340 which was still n
  7. Hey, thanks for the reply Yes I have seen that software. And no sorry, it is not how I am reading the info. The 6nm limit is hard-coded into FSUIPC and cannot be changed through any setting - which is why I am asking for it to be allowed to be changed. Try Traffic Look at EGLL and you won't get EGKK on ground traffic - it's too far away. Even Pete himself has said that 6nm is the limit. I am 100% confident that, if the 6nm limit was set to unlimited, I would be able to make my program. Ty :)
  8. No, I am sorry, this is not my intention and this doesn't work in how I would like it. I need the Maximum amount of aircraft possible for my arrival and departure airports (I can code this myself). Any other airplane traffic I need deleted. Please be assured I have extensively tried many methods to complete my task. I am able to completely code it myself - the only thing which is holding me back is I can't get all of the Ground Traffic data, only those within 6nm :(. Thanks
  9. Thak you for the reply :) FSUIPC has a built in limit of 6nm for Ground Traffic - I need this to be unlimited if possible. The Offsets don't really do what I'd like until I am able to get all of the Ground Traffic within the reality bubble. FSUIPC already allows you to have an unlimited range for Air Traffic, and I would like the same 'unlimited' feature to be encorporated to the Ground Traffic too. Oh, and just so everyone is aware, I only am interested in the Airplane traffic - boats and cars etc I am not doing anything with
  10. Hey Pete Is it possible, through the INI file, that a setting to override the default 'on-ground' traffic limit for the TCAS? I'd like to set it to unlimited for a program I am working on Ta
  11. Hi Pete. Could you take a look at your PM's please?


  12. Many thanks - If you do reach a decision on it then if you could keep me updated that would be fab - if you forget or something I'll keep checking the FSUIPC page for updates. Cheers Callum
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