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  1. Thanks for the above info. I was considering getting FS Live to go with MT6 but after reading your recent post I think I will just stick with the 2015 schedule. Hope they figure things out soon.
  2. Thanks for the reply . That is good to know. Since I am not familiar with windows 10 , why would I not have full control on my computer period. Where do you suggest I install it ? IN windows 7 I had it installed inside the FSX directory. Im looking at installing FSX-SE so IM taking that your suggesting that I put it somewhere outside the FSX-SE install. Thanks
  3. Hello I just purchased a new computer with windows 10 installed. I'm looking to start from scratch with fsx and have been a my traffic user for 6 yrs now. I'm interested in purchasing My Traffic 6 . My question is will MT6 work with windows 10? Thanks Don
  4. Thanks Burkhard I found the files on another computer i havent used in 2 yrs. Problem now is FSX is not recognizing the traffictoolbox.dll file. I have the file in the my traffic folder with the trafficdatabasebuilderX.exe file but when i load up fsx its not there. I checked the FSX config file and the traffictoolbox.dll file is not in the trusted list where it should be. I am using Windows 7 home premium 64 version Any suggestions. thanks again Don
  5. Hi all I recently suffered a harddrive crash and Im slowly getting things back together. Ive just reinstalled Mytraffic but Im missing a file I had which was the trafficdatabasebuilder. exe file. I have the tool box. dll file unfortunately I dont have the other if anyone could email the file to me that would be much appreciated. My email is bore4444@hotmail.com Thanks all Don
  6. Thanks Ian I will look it up and give it a try Don
  7. Hi again. After my post I spent some time looking thru the forum and I spotted a post with a similar complaint that got me thinking. so I removed an addon that i had for Muskoka airport and my traffic count tripled. My ai traffic is now back to normal. I had no idea that a little addon could cause such an effect. I will be more careful in the future. Don
  8. Good day Sir. I am currently running version 5.3 of My Traffic. Recently I started a flight out of CYYZ Toronto and was surprised to see the lack of flights and the airport looking almost deserted. At 65% traffic density for commercial flights I had only 6 flights showing for cyyz out of 102 and only one of those being Air Canada. On the other hand at nearby Buffalo airport I was showing on my traffic explorer at least 20 different commercial aircraft at that location. Using the same settings and time I checked CYUL montreal and CYVR vancouver and found about 12 air canada flights each at ea
  9. Ok will do ,sounds like a plan. looking forward for the new versions. In the meantime I will just take a few flying lessons to get used to FSX from FS2004. Thanks for the speedy reply Don
  10. Hi Thanks for the reply,Ive been gone for so long I guess I missed a lot. Anyways its nice to be back and I will wait for Burkhard before I do anything. I will just sit back and puruse the forum to try and catch up on what I have missed. Besides mytraffic,terrain texture and weather addons what would you suggest would be the next best addon for FSX. Cheers Don
  11. Hi I hope you can help me. I have some time ago downloaded MTXV51 from SimMarket and then gave up on FSX for a while because my computer just couldnt handle it. well I have upgraded to a race horse now and would like to get back to FSX. I have MTXV51 installed and running on Windows 7. however when I try to upgrade using the patch to MTXV52b which it says is available nothing happens. All I get is a message in the box saying to "please wait while reading from the web server" I wait but nothing happens. Can you help me please Don
  12. You were right. I did as you said and I located a traffic bgl in the scenery file of an airport addon that I a few weeks ago had installed. The scenery was for KSDF and it had a traffic bgl that was 2.3 mb that was responcible for adding the default aircraft to many US airports. I had no idea it was there. Anyhow thanks once again for your expert guidance. On another note with reference to version 51b were there any new airport bgls added to the scenery file from verson 51a. If so I will have to scan mytraffic scenery file to make sure I have no dublicates. Thanks again Don
  13. Hi again. I am completely baffled by this. I have unchecked MYTraffic as well as my addon scenery folders in the display settings expecting that I would now have no ai traffic at any airports. And I dont except for airports in the US where I find world, soar and orbit traffic in abundance as well as the small GA traffic. Is it possible that I have a dual entry in my scenery config that even thou MY Traffic is unchecked somehow default ai is still active. I never had this problem with default commercial aircraft showing up at airports until i removed my FSLive.bgl from my world/scenery folder
  14. Hi and thanks for the prompt reply. the following are the file names you ask for. 1-image_globe_00.bgl 2-image_globe_01.bgl 3-image_globe_10.bgl 4-image_globe_11.bgl 5-image_globe_20.bgl 6-image_globe_21.bgl 7-trafficaircraft.bgl.passive The above are all the files in the folder over the 5 mb limit Don
  15. Hello I have just recently upgraded to version V51b and removed the FSLIVE traffic bgl from my scenery file as I no longer am subscribing. I have updated my ai aircraft and currently using 2008 schedules. What I am noticing now is that I have mixed with my ai traffic some default aircraft. In an effort to track down the source I unchecked MYTraffic in my scenery library and made sure that the trafficaircraft bgl in world/scenery was marked as passive. I then fired up FSX and I still have default aircraft showing up at US airports. All the other airports are free and clear of default aircraft
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