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  1. Hi, many thanks for the suggestion and help regarding these issues.
  2. Hi, Occasionally it has been after a go-around (aismooth tends to sort that one) but usually it states 'inbound taxi deadlock' and I get moved back to base. I've looked at the departures board for the airport my ai is landing at and I cant see more that a couple of flights on taxi mode so it seems odd for there to be a taxi blockage. Maybe it has something to do with the airport afcad's and STB is just showing me that the afcad issue is there. Its definitely an issue on larger busier airports (Heathrow etc.) Thanks
  3. Hi, Is there anyway to force STB to not delete flights the user is shadowing? If not are there any tips to help reduce the likelihood of flights being deleted on arrival into busy airports? I've had a look in the documentation and I can't find anything that seems to work. Thanks
  4. Just bought Super Traffic Board for FSX SE and I am very impressed so far. I have been trying to watch one of my AI land at a non-stock airport (import from FS9) I've created but the aircraft wont reach the end of the runway before I get a fatal error and CTD. So far it is only happening on this custom airport so I guess this is the problem. Before I totally rewrite the airport from scratch are their any particular services etc that the airport will need to have so this will work. Interestingly AI can take-off but will CTD on landing. I can manually fly in and out with out problem. I
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