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  1. I feel pretty dumbfounded right now but it works! Thank you so much to both Thomas and Pete. Max
  2. I think I found the definition for it: // Control Events #ifndef THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN #define THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN 0x00011000 // equals to 69632 #endif Ive tried entering both of these number for example 6963237 (plus 37 for the control i want to program) Nothing happens though, ill click okay and FSUIPC dosnt seem to accept it. Max
  3. So i found the SDK file for PMDG along with the numbers for the controls. For example, the left aft fuel pump is defined as "#define EVT_OH_FUEL_PUMP_1_AFT (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 37) // 37 - FUEL PUMP LEFT AFT Switch" I understand the whole custom controls now as well. When FSUIPC asks for the number of the control, i get hung up. What number do i have to enter to make the left aft switch work from the line above? Greatly appreciating all the help. Max
  4. Apologies for the placement of my question on the website. I understand where i went wrong. I guess what my next question is,what is the right way to assign a physical switch to a switch in the cockpit? I didn't quite understand the last paragraph. Thanks for all the help, Max
  5. Hi all, I'm new to this forum and cockpit building in general and had some questions regarding programming mouse macros with FSUIPC: I have physical switches that I want to program with the pmdg 737, when I click "create mouse macro" and try to click one of the switches in the cockpit it dosnt let me. The problem is that whenever i move my mouse, FSUIPC thinks that the mouse movement is what i wish to program. in other words, when i move my mouse it wants to program the mouse movement instead of what i actually want to program. I hope this makes sense. Does anyone have and ideas on how to fix this? Regards, Max Kreckel
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