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  1. Hm. Went through reinstall, roughly the following order: Base program ✔ FSUIPC ✔ SimConnect was already fine and seemingly the proper version, no twerping there... ✔ Texture add-ons for clouds and world, plus AI-controlled goats for mountainous regions ✔ Add-on aircraft ✔ Add-on meshes ✔ Add-on airports ✔ Starting up FSXWX. Connects and updates weather. ✔ Starting up FSXPilot. Connects and flies. ✔ So... frag me if I know what was the issue earlier. Now it works the way it's meant to. If I bump into something again, I'll let you know. Thank you for your continued support.
  2. Yes, well, I have to agree with you. It'll be a nuke and rebuild. Have you got any suggestions as to the install order or procedure, or link to some good list that works well based on your experience?
  3. Well, I'm taking a different approach then... Uninstall current SimConnect, erase FSUIPC4 folder. Done. Test if flight crashes -> No, it doesn't. SFSG Install FSUIPC4, read install log. -> Installs without complaints. Test if flight crashes -> Yes, it does, on weather.dll. Erase FSUIPC4 folder. From redist folder, install FSX-SP2-XPACK interface (v10.0.61259.0), not ESPv1 (somebody somewhere suggested that the XPACK one is more stable.) Test if flight crashes -> No, it doesn't. SFSG Install FSUIPC4, read install log. -> Installs without complaints. Test if flight crashes -> Yes, it does, on weather.dll. Erase SimConnect DLL from the Modules folder, leaving the rest there. Test if flight crashes -> Yes, it does, on weather.dll. Uninstall current SimConnect, erase FSUIPC4 folder, putting ESPv1. Test if flight crashes (sans FSUIPC4) -> No, it doesn't. SFSG Install FSUIPC4, read install log. -> Installs without complaints. Test if flight crashes (with FSUIPC4, without .ini modifications) -> Yes, it does, on weather.dll. Erase SimConnect DLL from the Modules folder, leaving the rest there. Test if flight crashes -> No, it doesn't. SFSG Starting up FSXWX, just to see if the whole thing would survive. -> P3D survives. FSXWX complains (and crashes) about not finding the XPACK version. In the log file, FSUIPC4 also complains about not finding SimConnect (such as this, but repeated rather many times) : 1865647 Trying G:\Prepar3D v3\Modules\SimConnectP3D3.dll 1865647 !!! Error 126: The specified module could not be found. 1880733 ... Now trying to connect to another version of SimConnect ... Copy the XPACK version DLL into the Modules folder (from the redist dir), renaming it SimConnectP3D3.dll. (I know this is getting rather hack-y...) FSUIPC4 doesn't like it, based on the log file, so I stop loading and exit. This is it, for today, I'll give it a try tomorrow. Thank you for your support so far. Peter
  4. WeatherReadFactor=0, NoWeatherAtAll=Yes I deleted the events - but if I catch one in UTIL, I'll let you know. And no, I wasn't running the weather app in any of those cases, nor FSXPilot, as to avoid any interference for the time being. Attempt #1. Weather files/stations purged. Setting User Defined Weather (Scattered, no prec, visi 8km, wind light from the East). Flight plan RJFU-SGE-TQT-RJDC, 4000', plane Mitsubishi (as originally). Loads, stable, can fly take-off by hand. Weather (clouds etc) is present. So it seems that these factors do not influence stability as long as FSUIPC is not trying to interact on its own. Should I go through the other (reduced) scenarios as previously, or is that unnecessary? Peter PS: Log of this last-mentioned flight, for reference. ********* FSUIPC4, Version 4.955f (27th July 2016) by Pete Dowson ********* Running inside Prepar3D v3 on Windows 7 Module base=115D0000 User Name="" User Addr="" FSUIPC4 not user registered WIDEFS7 not user registered, or expired 234 System time = 28/07/2016 17:14:04 234 FLT path = "C:\Users\Peti\Documents\Prepar3D v3 Files\" 234 NOTE: configuring for no weather reads or writes! 234 ------ Module Version Check ------ 234 acontain.dll: 234 api.dll: 234 controls.dll: 234 fs-traffic.dll: 234 G3D.dll: 234 language.dll: 234 sim1.dll: 234 visualfx.dll: 234 window.dll: 234 ---------------------------------- 234 Trying G:\Prepar3D v3\Modules\SimConnectP3D3.dll 265 Found it: trying to connect 280 FS path = "G:\Prepar3D v3\" 296 LogOptions=00000000 00000003 296 ------------------------------------------------------------------- 296 ------ Setting the hooks and direct calls into the simulator ------ 296 --- CONTROLS timer memory location obtained ok 296 --- SIM1 Frictions access gained 296 --- FS Controls Table located ok 296 --- Installed Mouse Macro hooks ok. 296 --- Wind smoothing fix is not installed 296 --- Link check value = 1FE00 (should be 1FFFF) 296 ------------------------------------------------------------------- 296 SimConnect_Open succeeded: waiting to check version okay 296 Trying to use SimConnect Prepar3D 34866 Running in "Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v3", Version: (SimConnect: 34866 Initialising SimConnect data requests now 34866 FSUIPC Menu entry added 34928 C:\Users\Peti\Documents\Prepar3D v3 Files\RJFU to RJDC.fxml 34928 C:\Users\Peti\Documents\Prepar3D v3 Files\IFR Nagasaki to Yamaguchi-Ube [M2G N700ES].pln 34928 G:\Prepar3D v3\SimObjects\Airplanes\mu2_G-LTUS\mu2l.air 36114 C:\Users\Peti\Documents\Prepar3D v3 Files\IFR Nagasaki to Yamaguchi-Ube [M2G N700ES].pln 156781 Weather Mode now = Theme 165376 Weather Mode now = Global 412653 System time = 28/07/2016 17:20:56, Simulator time = 17:14:40 (09:14Z) 413465 Starting everything now ... 514382 Sim stopped: average frame rate for last 103 secs = 7.5 fps 514382 Max AI traffic was 60 aircraft
  5. Did not try that switch yet - but will do so now. The point? uhm... I tend to simply update things whenever an update is available, given that (in the majority of cases) they are supposed to bring some improvements. Maybe naivety on my side. So let me see, incrementally... Attempt #1. Weather files/stations purged. NoWeatherAtAll=Yes switch put in .ini file. Set User Defined Weather on. Gives weather.dll CTD. Attempt #2. No weather/station files were produced so no need to purge them. Set Weather Theme: Fair weather. Other settings unchanged. Gives weather.dll CTD. (And loaded some clouds before that.) Attempt #3. No weather/station files were produced so no need to purge them. Set Weather Theme: Clear Skies. Other settings unchanged. Gives util.dll CTD. (Sky is clear.) Attempt #4. No weather/station files were produced so no need to purge them. Set airport to Germany Schonefeld (EDDB), no flight plan. Other settings unchanged. Gives weather.dll CTD (Loads the newly set airport.) Attempt #5. No weather/station files were produced so no need to purge them. Still at EDDB. Loading with Lockheed's own Beech Baron 58. Other settings unchanged. Gives weather.dll CTD. Now, since it was not clear: at the same time of applying the NoWeatherAtAll=Yes switch, am I supposed to also set the WeatherReadFactor to 0? Peter [EDIT] In addition to the above, I checked the last FSUIPC4 log, the last line contains a Weather Read request. So the NoWeatherAtAll switch doesn't override that one, it seems. [FURTHER EDIT] Another curious thing in the log file that I noticed just now: "Link check value = 1FE00 (should be 1FFFF)" What does that mean if anything?
  6. The only change that was done is installing AIRAC cycle 1608. I wonder whether that could be the cause but I find it unlikely. I apologise that I was not specific enough - I went by the shortcut name I set up myself. The weather is provided by FSXWX 1.5.6. As of FSXPilot, it is the one found here, it is a proper Windows application. It appears to also have an Android version but I do not have or use Android. Deleting SimObjects (from AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\) was suggested at alternative places as one of the CTD solutions. It does not harm the installation, apart from the fact that P3D needs to subsequently copy things there again. I thought I would give it a try, sadly to no avail. And I checked - the correct folders and files were used. In fact earlier I have set up a .bat file just for the purpose of purging these files, I checked and the commands were without typos. I will now try the following: editing the INI for no read factor putting the 4.955f release delete and recreate the scenario (nothing fancy - it is a flight with plan RJFU-SGE-TQT-RJDC, cruising FL040.) --------------------------------------------------------- No. Weather.dll CTD on scene loading completion and beginning loading of the virtual cockpit. A .wx file corresponding to the flight was created somehow. I deleted it by running the weather eraser .bat file. I tried again. This time, somehow, no .wx file is created. I am setting the read factor back to 2. Produces CTD, now with util.dll. It produced a .wx file as well. --------------------------------------------------------- Next steps?
  7. Hello, First, I must thank you for a very useful product. It worked for a while, and had nice visuals with it, and P3D Realtime Weather plus FSXPilot. As you probably know, both those depend on FSUIPC. Then it stopped working. I have tried everything that I could find suggested, including deleting wxstationlist.bin and the collected .wx files. Reinstall FSUIPC (install goes without any complaint). Deleting fsuipc4.ini. Deleting SimObjects to have it rebuild. Nope. If setting FSUIPC Disabled True in dll.xml, the scene loads and remains stable. I can take off and do everything. The moment I enable FSUIPC though, I get CTD as the scenery begins to load (getting half-loaded virtual cockpit visuals for the few seconds before crash, and half-loaded scenery). The CTD, according to Event Viewer, happens either in util.dll, or, more often, in weather.dll. Both are 0xc000005 errors. The fsuipc4.log file suggests no cause as to why it would crash, the last log line being consistently the "Starting everything now..." message. (Maybe "starting everything" is the cause of it, I don't know.) At crash time, neither P3D Realtime Weather nor FSXPilot are running, so I would not put them to blame. I have no further addons installed in dll.xml. I have tested the memory chips for a good four hours last night with Memtest86, nothing there. I have been busy trying getting this back to working state for the past one day or so, but to no effect. System is windows 7 equivalent (Server 2008 R2); have 8Gb of memory. There are a couple of planes installed, the one I am trying to fly is a Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 Marquise, made by Premier Aircraft Design (an FSX design, but works quite well). I know the above is not a full run-down, but please indicate what information you'd require next to help resolve this issue, or any further suggestions as to what to try. Thank you in advance Peter
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