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    Would I get a discount since I did buy the se version. I don't know why Steam says it can't use FSUIPC. I've been using it long before steam. It works fine, but steam uses the FSUIPC excuse for not having the wxr radar. I have it in the feelthere 737.
  2. johnk515


    I bought E-Jets v2 from steam the other day. After getting it all installed and setup, there was no weather radar. I looked in their forum and the ejets v2 (official) discussion was that fsx:se doesn't use fsuipc so they didn't have the weather radar included. The thing is I've been using fsuipc since fs2000 and have the registered version for fsx. I use it with all my addons i.e. pmdg, level-d wilcos 737 and others with no problem. I have the fswxr2100.gau, but I don't have the coordinates in the panel.cfg to add it to my ejet 175 & 195.
  3. johnk515

    Not a valid terminal

    I haven't played with my tower 2011 for awhile. But when I started KSEA, I get an error, C2L not a valid terminal. Well, C2L is a gate number. I have it assigned to terminal c and 2L is the gate. It's like other airports that have an A or B gate for the same number. I wasn't having this problem before. Any idea what could be causing this? I also had downloaded the latest schedule creator 24 V1. John K
  4. johnk515

    Not a valid terminal

    I've updated what terminals are used by what airlines, like the north terminal has all asa and qxe. And added new parking spots. I just started KLAX and it started fine and I had made changes to adding some new spots. Does tower have problems with gates that have letters after the gate number? That's what C2L is. For that gate I have terminal_C and the name of the gate is C2L. There is also C2M and others. In the north terminal I added N12A, N12B... But that's the name, the terminal filter is Terminal_North, just like C2L has Terminal_C for that gate. And C2L was there when I had used ksea before. That was about 8 to 11 months ago. John K
  5. johnk515

    Not a valid terminal

    Here's the log. I didn't see anything with ksea with the airfield editor. tower.log

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