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  1. HappyNUyear

    LEBL Bugs

    You can pushback to almost any runway, unless a certain aircraft needs a longer runway. After aircraft completes pushback, you can click on "Runway Menu", Select which runway", then select the taxiway path(s) with either a mouse and/or voice recognition. You can also do this during initial pushback too. You really can change your taxi route anytime.
  2. When is the Updated Real Color for LAX due to be released? I just re-downloaded LAX Real Color, but no visible changes such as T2 & T3. I have the Steam Version Thanks in advance
  3. HappyNUyear

    KBOS - Unable to use some runways

    Me too T3D Pro
  4. HappyNUyear

    KBOS - Unable to use some runways

    Thanks for clarifying, missing 22L too
  5. HappyNUyear

    KBOS - Unable to use some runways

    Ok, the lower runway buttons in White. I’ll have to look at mine too.
  6. HappyNUyear

    KBOS - Unable to use some runways

    Strange, because on my Tower 3DPro all the runways show in the command bar for Pushback, Runway and other functions
  7. HappyNUyear

    KBOS - Unable to use some runways

    All the runways are there on my KBOS DLC 15L/33R is a short runway is 2,557 feet (no commercial a/c use) 15R/33L is 10,083 feet (All A/C) 4L/22R is 7,861 feet (All A/C - Some Heavy A/C) 4R/22L is 10,005 feet (All A/C - Some Heavy A/C) 9/27 is 7,000 feet (Most A/C) 14/32 is 5000 feet (14 used for departures only & 32 used for arrivals only by court order unless emergencies exist)
  8. HappyNUyear

    Airport Strategies

    Been listening to a lot of KPHL lately too. Here are some of their runway configurations ARRIVALS: 9L: Most all A/C (arrivals hold short of 35, if 35 is used for Departures or Arrivals) 9R: Most all A/C DEPARTURES: 8: Small Conmuter A/C 9L: Most A/C 9R: Includes Heavys
  9. HappyNUyear

    Airport Strategies

    Been listening to KBOS Tower lately and found this runway configuration. Arrivals 4R: All A/C 4L: Jet & Prop, also some Heavys Departures 9: Most A/C, some Heavys need to depart from 4L or 15R
  10. HappyNUyear


    Does it really matter? It’s a preference for some people.
  11. HappyNUyear

    Local Traffic

    The install in steam should have a popup box the provides choices of Tower versions. They are the suppose to install in the proper file(s) automatically
  12. Plus wonderful Microsoft has had updates too.
  13. Try reloading the simulation, there have probably been some updates since you last played. Then reboot your pc
  14. HappyNUyear


    KMCO is the best airport DLC thus far. I have the Steam version and no issues thus far. Remember to reload "Real Traffic" after installing KMCO and "Real Colors" for KCMO and everything should work just fine. Also those that complain they can't run Tower3D Pro on iMac, yes you can by installing Bootcamp or similar. The key is that one has an iMac that has the proper Video Card, Memory and so forth.
  15. HappyNUyear

    Help with EDDM Color Pack

    Did something change with EDDM "Real Color"? Now it prompts you to UnZip the File?

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