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  1. RC_EDDM_Virus? :: RESOLVED - false positive

    If you guys say it's safe, okey dokey!

    Uninstalled everything on Steam and reinstalled. Appears to work at this point and time. Thanks for the update

    I did search and found nothing related to that issue. However, I did see other issues

    I’ve noticed with either the default airlines/aircraft when you do pushback and assign an aircraft for Rwy 10R, the aircraft does not hold short and taxis into position. This also occurs with Real Traffic & Real Color. Still gathering more information
  5. Steam

    Great to see the addition on the Real Color & Real Traffic packs directing where to send the file. This makes things easier It’s been awhile since I added those additions a few years ago.
  6. Steam

    Suggest making Real Color and Schedule available in steam too.
  7. Steam

    Thanks. That must be new, haven’t seen that before
  8. Steam

    In what file on steam platform would you load “Real Color” and Real Traffic in to? thanks
  9. KSAN thrill ride Tower 3D Pro

    My late airline pilot father always said KSAN was always interesting and you had to stay on your toes at all times
  10. I can't recall, but where/what file(s) should Real Color & Real Traffic files be placed after download? Thanks again, just can't recall.
  11. KSAN and KJFK not available, Tower 3D PRO

    I've done the same things as first poster and KSAN & KJFK. These files loaded where they were suppose to go. Yes, I loaded pro for pro version. Within the game menu screen, KSAN & KJFK only show they are available as an add-on. In addition, I have windows 10 and now voice doesn't work like it did in T3D. I do have Voice Recognition I let the software load where it shows on directory and don't manually change anything and it worked before T3DPro. IMO, Someone really needs to write instructions as to the proper location each file and/or add-on needs to properly be directed.
  12. 2 Problems at KSAN for Tower 3D

    When using Runway 9 @ KSAN for takeoffs, all FedEx Aircraft taxiing from the Cargo Area stop at hold-line but are unable to cross runway 9 when continue taxi is selected. You can clear said aircraft for takeoff or use line up and wait command.
  13. TOWER 3D Install Issues and Questions

    Everything works fine now, with a few exceptions of some aircraft being white and some aircraft not moving off the runway upon landing. Thanks for the feedback too. I'll screenshot some examples
  14. TOWER 3D Install Issues and Questions

    I wiped everything from Tower 3D off my PC and reinstalled Tower 3D Today. All Real Airline Colors are now on the A/C, except on some larger A/C. Any idea for this? Otherwise the program is working fine. I also had to reset some video card settings.
  15. TOWER 3D Install Issues and Questions

    With all due respect, I do believe I explained it. That is unless you want me to go into my Investigator mode and give every freaking additional detail and that would fill a file folder. In addition, I've now had some of my friends who are software engineers and PC Geeks look at it and they've replicated my install with same results. They've stated the software instructions, if there were any, are very ambiguous to say the least and they're being nice.