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  1. Just a bit of a tight squeeze. Other a/c will just have to wait it out now. 🤣
  2. The OP (Original Poster) reported an issue landing on 22R/4L with aircraft exiting at TWY F to starboard side. I'm reporting a similar issue with aircraft landing on 22L exiting starboard side of RWY 22L/4R onto TWY F and after crossing 22R/4L the aircraft backtaxi's from Approach End of RWY 4L/22R towards (for example) TWY D and exits instead of original Taxi F, D and so forth
  3. Aircraft landing on RWY 22L and rolling to the end and exiting at TWY "F" between RWY's 22L/4R & 22R/4L cannot taxi on TWY "F" between end of RWY 22R (see OP's Photo) and TWY "D". When taxi routing is applied Aircraft back taxi on RWY 4L/22R and until TWY "D". There's most likely a glitch on TWY "F" between end of RWY 22R and TWY "D" I'll attach photo's etc when possible.
  4. Well, Terminal 3 was "CLOSED" in June 2018 and scheduled for demolition to make way for the addition of New Terminal 1 Gates A1-A11. Terminal 1 has Jetways/Air-Bridges.......perhaps they mistook it for old terminal 3, which only has one gate remaining (H1)? The things that make you go hmmmmmmm
  5. Just wait if ORD comes out with their new runways configuration. less space with 8 runways, 6 east/west and 2 crosswind
  6. In addition, when requesting any aircraft change to Enter Final for 31R or 31L there is no button to do so if using mouse. voice recognition is not an issue
  7. Perhaps this information should be transferred to the Airport Strategy Thread
  8. They sure did a great job with KRDU, except with the many multiple duplicate flight numbers
  9. If this were 1990-1991 I'd think you had TWA's Casper & Stealth Aircraft in your game fleet. 🤪 TWA had 2 747's in all white back then. In all seriousness, I hope you solved the issue
  10. scoobflight I wasn't replying to you and I'm replying to Mike on this thread that does have problems installing. DLC's are very easy to install and re-install on Steam Real Traffic and Real Color can be installed by typing in the address bar the links and then follow the prompts. You'll also be asked to input various codes, ie; Product ID Password: Continue following prompts
  11. I have zero issues via Steam with installing DLC's from them or Real Traffic or Real Color from this site. The only DLC that loads differently is Munich due to Virus Alerts when this was first launched
  12. Be sure to re-install real traffic too
  13. If and when there's ever an ORD DLC here's they're current runway configurations; 4L/22R - Original Runway 7,500 ft 4R/22L - Original Runway 8,075 ft 27L/9R - (formerly 27R/9L) - Being extended to 11,260 ft from 7,967 ft 27C/9C - Under Construction Projected Opening 2020 11,245 ft 27R/9L - New Runway (Opened 2008) 7,500 ft 28R/10L - (formerly 27L/9R) - Extended 2008 13,000 ft 28C/10C - New Runway (Opened 2013) 10,801 ft 28L/10R - New Runway (Opened 2015) 7,500 ft 33/15 - (formerly 32L/14R) Decommissioned 2018 - Currently Taxiway SS to be decommissi
  14. When a/c is ready to pushback and one selects pushback and runway 26R (backup runway in real world) is selected with and/or without pre-selected routing nothing occurs.
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