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  1. Thanks for the very helpful answer! I was under the impression there was no manual, just the tutorial at TIST. I can't find it in the program folder or anywhere. In most forum posts (here you are quoted: you say there is no manual...not until the Pro version. Which is it, and where is it? I know where those circles are (have used the old Tower program), but I was checking 24L/R and 25L/R, as those are indeed active runways. They are active for departures, and should be active for arrivals as well. If I have all 4 runways set to active for arrivals (as does happen real world during the busy pushes), then all 4 runways should be utilized. Instead, every single aircraft arrives on the inboards. That doesn't make sense.
  2. Hi all, Maybe I'm missing it, but I have 2 questions. 1) Is it possible to change the landing runway for arriving aircraft? 2) I have seen people on the forum talk about 25L and 24R. I'm using Real Traffic/Real Color and all the aircraft land on the inboard runways, which is completely contrary to how things are run in the real world. Yes, there are times when all 4 runways are used for arrivals, but generally speaking, it's 25L and 24R. I have yet to have a single airplane land on either of those runways by default. Am I missing something, or is this by design?
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