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  1. Hi, a question, but this schedule is fantasy or real timetable? Example for Klax. Thankyou and have a nice day
  2. Thanks,good job:).. i hope you maintain update it! ciao:)
  3. Good evening, my antivirus, Windows Defender, advise me that inside a RC_EDDM there's a Virus. Are you sure that the file is Secure? Thankyou so much
  4. I hope in a European airport!!!...We need so!
  5. Thankyou so much for this guide!!..i don't use a voice commands and now i can use more write commands for correct orders. Well done! Best Regards
  6. I hope Heatrow, Paris, Amsterdam,Frankfurt, Madrid, or Rome...very busy european airports. But will be very important a new colours file from Nyd and a really timetable from experts this amazing forum\comunity:)
  7. Hi Joe, i'm very entusiastic player about your incredible job!! Thank you soo much!! I would like ask you if is not a disturb for you,if when you update the your Cutom Files, you could correct the the Title date in first page hier. For example, now i see that the date is 9-2-2017 but the files are update to 1-8-2018:) Really, thankyou again for the Files:) Alessandro S.
  8. Ok Joe, thank you for your completed answer! So hopes one day have more real liveries for new airplanes (B787, A350, etc) that every day enter in flight line:)
  9. Hi good morning, sorry for my question, i have a RT, RC KLAX,RC,JFK and RC PHIL. With a beatiful custom klax file i note that not all airplanes has the livery or painted,so for example B787-9Virgin...where can i found this and other livery? Which RC i must buy? Thankyou so much for the help!
  10. Thank you so much, for a phantastic job!!...thank you for sharing!!..Vote: A+++:)
  11. Absolutely NICE job!!..Really funny, realistic, and need concentration!!... THANK YOU so much!!
  12. Hi, ATCControl i would like try your amazing job, may you send me the files? I hope yes:)...many thanks. Alex.
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