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  1. Hi guys, Looks like I have this working now - many thanks. I'm not sure, but I think the issue is that the Airbus Pro throttle system/programming is extremely sensitive to noise of any kind whatsoever, and will not easily allow for any kind external recalibration/optimization. My throttle are a bit old so they're noisy, but that hasn't been an issue because I can use FSUIPC to mitigate that extremely effectively. Also, Saitek drivers are odd and strangely configured. I had to edit the registry to recalibrate, using these tools: https://support.logi.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360023194074 Between that and the advice from Pete above it all seems to work now. Again, thanks for your help, and I hope this helps someone in the future with similar issues. Daniel
  2. Hi Pete, I'm assigning to Throttle1 Set and Throttle2 Set. I've done as you say and it's suddenly working properly - at least with the aircraft parked and engines off. I'll have to find some time this week to try it in flight. Eventually I'm going to have to ditch these cheap Saitek controllers - they're just too old and unsupported now. Many thanks again for your help, Daniel
  3. To be honest, I've had a hell of a time with Saitek drivers and their way-too-complicated driver process. I'm not sure how best to approach this? How do I deactivate them? Thanks, Daniel
  4. Hello gentlemen, Thanks for your help! Done! Thanks for pointing this out. Attached. Yes, I should have been more clear about that, sorry: I made sure I had either a) FSUIPC bindings, or b) P3D bindings - never both at the same time. When I went to enable controllers and assign bindings in P3D, I first removed the FSUIPC.ini file from the modules directory in order to let it build a new clean one. That's precisely what I was thinking (they are old, and Saitek was kind of cheaply made) so I tries to calibrate. However, the Saitek drivers don't have a "calibrate" function anywhere that I can find: under setting up USB Game Controllers and selecting my Saitek Flight Yoke + Throttle, or my extra Throttle Quadrant (giving me six levers in total, for 4 throttles + spoilers + flaps) There is only a Test and a Deadzones tab, no Settings tab (with a Calibrate button) like I do with my Logitech Attack 3 (which I use to emulate the Airbus sidestick) and my CH Pro Pedals. I get around this lack of calibration by using FSUIPC Joystick Calibration, which works for all my other aircraft. When using the Aerosoft Pro and assigning Axis Throttle 1 Set from "Send to FS as a normal axis" - which works. However, the minute I try to calibrate through FSUIPC Calibration the Aerosoft Pro the throttle stops responding - which is what you're alluding to when you say "It might not like you calibrating in FSUIPC either", of course. When I then (again after removing the FSUIPC.ini file, so that no FSUIPC Aerosoft bindings exist) and "enable controllers" in P3Dv4.5, I also set a very heathy null zone. Either way, I get the exact same behaviour. I've even set up Deadzones in the Saitek driver screen, moving them past the "jittery" zone (which I can see as a tiny fluctuating zone) but it still doesn't work. I'm not sure what options I have left to calibrate further? To be clear about all of this: The Saitek does not have a "Reverse Zone", as such: there is a zone below the throttle range that when you slide the throttle into activates a button, which I assign to reverse (throttle decrease options in either FSUIPC or P3D - again, never at the same time) Sorry for the epic-length post. And again many thanks for your help... Daniel FSUIPC5.1.log
  5. members 0 27 posts Report post Posted March 7 Hi, I'm having issues getting the reverse thrust to engage properly on the Aerosoft A330 Professional. Using Aerosoft A330 Professional version P3D 4.5 HF2 Windows 10.0.17763 Home Saitek Flight Yoke & Throttle + 2nd Saitek Throttle Quadrant, CH Rudders I've tried setting up the throttle both suggested ways; 1) Using standard P3D assignments 2) Using FSUIPC assignments and using F2 for reverse In each case the throttles work fine, but reverse thrust is hesitant to engage, and when it finally does, will not stay locked (ie; holding F2 engages reverse, but it wobbles back and forth within the reverse thrust range - like something is pulling it back to idle) I've asked in Aerosoft forum for help, and they are convinced that that nothing is wrong with their programming and that the most likely candidate is FSUIPC. Even though I've removed my FSUIPC.ini file and let it rebuild (so no assignments), and enabled the controllers through P3D, I am told it is likely FSUIPC that is the most likely candidate (sorry, I think that's what they're telling me, even though I don't understand how that could be...) I may have misunderstood (here's the thread) One thing: the Saitek drivers do not have a calibration option as such, only the attached. I've attached my FSUIPC.ini file. Please let me know if I can supply anything else... Appreciate any help, Daniel FSUIPC5.ini
  6. There is no Flap 5 option takeoff option? But it shows a Flaps 5 screen on the Simmarket page - is this an error? https://secure.simmarket.com/images/products/2/27/9389/146542_04.jpg
  7. Sure thing; No derate (TO) gives me 134, 140, 144 TO1 = 143, 148, 150 TO2 = 153, 159, 158 Thanks, Daniel
  8. Just wondering if this ever got updated/fixed? I have version 3.3.12 and it still gives strange V-speed values. Thanks, Daniel
  9. That's great, thanks. A question: is it possible to show runway remaining margin in ft/m, or ft/m required for takeoff roll? I think that would help enormously in making derate/flap decisions. Thanks for your consideration. Daniel
  10. Great, thanks. Looking forward to your results. My other question is how to choose between the best derate and flap settings. - Daniel
  11. Hi there, Recently purchased this product - thank so much creating it, very useful. Yesterday I took off from SCEL and the suggested performance put me off the end of the runway. (I have a screenshot, but the max attachment size is too small to allow me to upload it - can I send another way?) Here are the parameters: SCEL Flap 20 RWY17L A/C ON FULL A/I OFF DRY RTG TO-2 160/5 kt 15C 1022 HPa ----------------- 223000 KG ----------------- Boeing 777-200LR/GE90-110B1L ----------------- Flap 20 V1 155 SCEL/17L VR 155 V2 154 TOGW D-TO-2 SEL TEMP 223000 70C ----------------- The V speeds look suspect, don't they? Is there a method for choosing the best de-rate and flap? Maybe I'm using the tool incorrectly? Thanks, Daniel
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