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  1. Daniel Baker

    TOPER Tool (Boeing 787) - Updates

    There is no Flap 5 option takeoff option? But it shows a Flaps 5 screen on the Simmarket page - is this an error? https://secure.simmarket.com/images/products/2/27/9389/146542_04.jpg
  2. Daniel Baker

    TOPER Tool (Boeing 777) - Support

    Thanks Nicola! I'll try that now.
  3. Daniel Baker

    TOPER Tool (Boeing 777) - Support

    Sure thing; No derate (TO) gives me 134, 140, 144 TO1 = 143, 148, 150 TO2 = 153, 159, 158 Thanks, Daniel
  4. Daniel Baker

    TOPER Tool (Boeing 777) - Support

    Just wondering if this ever got updated/fixed? I have version 3.3.12 and it still gives strange V-speed values. Thanks, Daniel
  5. Daniel Baker

    TOPER Tool (Boeing 777) - Support

    That's great, thanks. A question: is it possible to show runway remaining margin in ft/m, or ft/m required for takeoff roll? I think that would help enormously in making derate/flap decisions. Thanks for your consideration. Daniel
  6. Daniel Baker

    TOPER Tool (Boeing 777) - Support

    Great, thanks. Looking forward to your results. My other question is how to choose between the best derate and flap settings. - Daniel
  7. Daniel Baker

    TOPER Tool (Boeing 777) - Support

    Hi there, Recently purchased this product - thank so much creating it, very useful. Yesterday I took off from SCEL and the suggested performance put me off the end of the runway. (I have a screenshot, but the max attachment size is too small to allow me to upload it - can I send another way?) Here are the parameters: SCEL Flap 20 RWY17L A/C ON FULL A/I OFF DRY RTG TO-2 160/5 kt 15C 1022 HPa ----------------- 223000 KG ----------------- Boeing 777-200LR/GE90-110B1L ----------------- Flap 20 V1 155 SCEL/17L VR 155 V2 154 TOGW D-TO-2 SEL TEMP 223000 70C ----------------- The V speeds look suspect, don't they? Is there a method for choosing the best de-rate and flap? Maybe I'm using the tool incorrectly? Thanks, Daniel

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