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  1. I'm a new user - just downloaded & installed Sim Physics X. I'm running the configurator, but having problems completing the process. Everything goes through normally until I reach the 'Build Database' stage. When I hit the 'Build Database (Steam Edition)' button, I am presented with a number of pop-up error? windows with a message of 'Step 1.a' 'Step 1.b' and so on, with just an 'OK' button. Eventually after about 15 or so of these, I get 'The Database has not been created successfully - try the Configurator again'. All the earlier steps are fine - the path to FSX and to FSUIPC are correct, the steps preparing aircraft and airports run through without problems. I have tried the non-Steam Build Database, which appears to run without errors, but since I am running FSX-SE.. this isn't much help. Anyone have any ideas?