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  1. Quick question, maybe I'm missing something: After initial load of all controllers, I give all Joysticks numbers, disabling AutoAssignLetters: [JoyNames] //J=Microsoft Joystick; G=G13; R=Rudder Pedals; A=Saitek TQ Left; B=Saitek TQ Right; Y=Yoke; Q=PFC TQ AutoAssignLetters=No J=VKBsim Black Box GF J.GUID={79A34CA0-5F35-11E7-8001-444553540000} G=Logitech G13 Joystick G.GUID={CA70FAC0-5779-11E6-8005-444553540000} R=MFG Crosswind V2 R.GUID={CA70FAC0-5779-11E6-800F-444553540000} A=Saitek Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant (USB) A.GUID={7400ED90-CD38-11E7-8001-444553540000} B=Saitek Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant (USB) B.GUID={7400ED90-CD38-11E7-8002-444553540000} But then I start the sim, and close it, the result: [JoyNames] //J=Microsoft Joystick; G=G13; R=Rudder Pedals; A=Saitek TQ Left; B=Saitek TQ Right; Y=Yoke; Q=PFC TQ AutoAssignLetters=No J=VKBsim Black Box GF J.GUID={79A34CA0-5F35-11E7-8001-444553540000} G=Logitech G13 Joystick G.GUID={CA70FAC0-5779-11E6-8005-444553540000} R=MFG Crosswind V2 R.GUID={CA70FAC0-5779-11E6-800F-444553540000} A=Saitek Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant (USB) A.GUID={7400ED90-CD38-11E7-8001-444553540000} B=Saitek Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant (USB) B.GUID={7400ED90-CD38-11E7-8002-444553540000} 0=Logitech G13 Joystick 0.GUID={CA70FAC0-5779-11E6-8005-444553540000} 1=Saitek Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant (USB) 1.GUID={7400ED90-CD38-11E7-8001-444553540000} 2=MFG Crosswind V2 2.GUID={CA70FAC0-5779-11E6-800F-444553540000} 3=VKBsim Black Box GF 3.GUID={79A34CA0-5F35-11E7-8001-444553540000} 4=Saitek Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant (USB) 4.GUID={7400ED90-CD38-11E7-8002-444553540000} Why does it create everything new with the numbers? Thank you.
  2. Kosta


    Yes, definitely misfired. The above line is what is definitely way more clear to me. I understand now, and thank you very much for taking time to explain.
  3. Kosta


    Why on Earth? It worries me only because today I wanted to do a flight, just to discover right after the engine start and post all the cockpit preparation that my TQ doesn't do anything. Took me a while to realize what the reason was, because I usually never suspect FSUIPC. While analyzing the .ini, I noticed that JoyNames section wasn't the same as the last time I saw it. There were missing letters, and the entries with numbers were present. After adding letters again, according to my legend, all was well again. However, it does make me wonder what the reason for this misconfiguration was, because I didn't do anything on my sim nor windows for a long time. So, to shorten it up, all I want to know what is right for a single controller? An example: J=VKBsim Black Box GF J.GUID={79A34CA0-5F35-11E7-8001-444553540000} 3=VKBsim Black Box GF 3.GUID={79A34CA0-5F35-11E7-8001-444553540000} (and yes, I wouldn't even think about posting here without reading the manual first)
  4. Kosta


    Maybe you misunderstood. Maybe I am not understanding... The first example is a content of an .ini file after the first edit. I basically gave all controllers letters. Then I loaded and closed the sim, and while the letters remained, a part in bold appears, additionally to the letters (that's the second "JoyNames"). The part in bold always gets recreated. Shouldn't be needed, or?
  5. No! Such a trivial thing, is it not?
  6. Ahh, nice, thanks! About mouse macros: do you also mean mouselook, as in hold/toggle modes for panning?
  7. Hello, while doing some analysis how and what my FS is doing in the background, I came across the fact that FSUIPC is causing longer frames repeating ever xx ms. In a clean P3D scenario, adding only FSUIPC is causing this, see screenshots. Note that the FSUIPC profile is default (renamed my own). Any ideas what is causing that and can I avoid it somehow? Without FSUIPC: With FSUIPC: Best regards, Srdan
  8. So, I did a test: set Process Explorer to refresh every 10 seconds. And still, no sign of anything in FS (FRAFS). Neither 1sec, 5sec or 10sec. I didn't try changing anything in FSUIPC. If you can try to move OOMCheck to another thread, maybe that solves the problem in the root. That would probably be the best solution. If it works... Have a nice day! Srdan
  9. I just meant, the query that FSUIPC sends to windows, to check the VAS, is probably the same what Process Explorer is using to query the Virtual Size. Because if that's the case, by theory, open PE should also cause the said longer frames, do you think? I ask, becasue it doesn't. Running PE, refresh 2 seconds, no regular (or high) spikes (longer frames).
  10. So in case of Process Explorer, this information is queried way more often, most likely every second, as far as the refresh goes? The art of query stays the same? Srdan
  11. It was the OOM checking, apparently. Thank you. I guess I'll turn if off, because honestly don't need it... my system is virtually OOM free, as I keep it clean of the ORBX stuff :)
  12. Okay, got the log. However no idea where to begin with the analysis. It's only 3mb big, but lots of entries, as expected.
  13. Hello Pete, Using FSUIPC mainly for profiles and joystick calibration - basically having all controller assignments disabled in P3D, and everything going over FSUIPC. Also for VAS display. But those jumps are also present with the default fsuipc.ini file. The frequency of the long frames is not always the same, but it is about 270 frames, which would at 30fps come to about 9 seconds. 2nd one is at 565(18), 863(28), 1160(39) etc. So I'd say in average would be 10 seconds. I'll see if I can find something out with the Simconnect log (never did that yet). Versions: P3D3.4 HF2 (latest) and FSUIPC
  14. Kosta

    P3d V3 crahs FSUIPC.dll

    Hi Pete, B was crashing too, c seems stable. Just reporting :-) Thank you for the continuous support!
  15. As described in the manual, the functions will always call for center-forward, a middle reset. I don't understand the reason for that, but is it possible to have the FSX-like behaviour? It quite bothers me that each time I press space it centers... I set it up so that when I hold the space, it is activated, as soon as I depress it, it deactivates.
  16. Argggh....... found the bugger. Sometimes FSUIPC can be a real PITA. :) I thank you for the complexity though! Page 11: Separate reversers I was just yesterday trying out to setup Reversers on another aircraft, and apparently forgot to press Profile Specific. And this interfered with the Fokker.
  17. Hi Pete, I have a problem: today I loaded a DA Fokker after a longer time, and not able to move fuel levers after initial move. If they are on when started, I can push them to off, but I can't bring them back up any more. If I disable FSUIPC, things are working normally, I can switch them up/down as usual. Any ideas what might be causing this? I have quite a big ini due to various profiles and key assignments being only in the FSUIPC, and very little in FSX itself. Buuuuut...when I delete the ini and let FSUIPC remake it, it's also working. I'm quite at the end of my powers, don't know what's causing it! Should I post my ini? Best Kosta
  18. Kosta

    FSUIPC OOM Chime

    Thanks Pete, that's all I needed to know!
  19. Hi Pete, Please, just a quick info, which window sound is responsible for the FSUIPC OOM chime? Since I have the info in my log, and don't hear a thing, I guess it must be up to my windows sounds being all disabled. Before I would enable all, I'd like to know the one to enable to hear the OOM chime. Thanks Kosta
  20. Kosta

    FSUIPC OOM Chime

    Hallo, Critical Stop would it be. That's enough, I'll give it the wav I like ;-) I hope that's it though! And... thanks!
  21. Kosta

    What is axis 17?

    Alright Pete, thanks for the help!
  22. In my INI, I have axis "17" reappearing all the time. I neither assign it or anything, but it is coming back all the time. [Axes] 0=17X,256,D,4,9,0,0 1=17Y,256,D,10,0,0,0 2=17Z,256,D,5,17,0,0 3=17R,256,D,18,0,0,0 4=17U,256,D,6,13,0,0 5=17V,256,D,14,0,0,0 And in my profiles, it gets automatical assignments. What is this?
  23. Kosta

    What is axis 17?

    So far I know, all my axes are recognized as "Q", as that is how I have it configured. But I will check if they get recognized without the dll, when I get the chance. There are no special instructions on how to configured, PFC only said plug and play, configure via FSUIPC.
  24. Kosta

    What is axis 17?

    I have PFC hardware, and your dll in the folder for the PFC yoke, pfchid.dll. It it not serial though, but USB. I have both yoke and TQ console. Nevertheless, they are assigned differently, Y=PFC Yoke << MISSING JOYSTICK >> Y.GUID={F8DCACA0-F0A4-11E1-800D-444553540000} Q=PFC Throttle Quadrant Console << MISSING JOYSTICK >> Q.GUID={C5DA1150-13D9-11E2-8001-444553540000} (they are currently not connected, so this is why they are missing...) and then... [Axes.Default Cessna 172] 9=YX,256,F,65763,0,0,0 10=YY,256,F,65762,0,0,0 0=JX,256,F,65763,65868,0,0 1=JY,256,F,65762,65867,0,0 2=JR,256,F,65764,65869,0,0 3=RX,256,F,66387,0,0,0 4=RY,256,F,66388,0,0,0 5=RR,256,F,65764,0,0,0 6=AZ,256,F,65765,0,0,0 7=BX,256,F,66292,0,0,0 8=BZ,256,F,66534,0,0,0 11=17X,256,D,4,9,0,0 12=17Y,256,D,10,0,0,0 13=17Z,256,D,5,17,0,0 14=17R,256,D,18,0,0,0 15=17U,256,D,6,13,0,0 16=17V,256,D,14,0,0,0 Y=Yoke J=Joystick R=Rudder Pedals A,B=Saitek TQ Console is not assigned for default Cessna. But I do use it with the NGX: [Axes.PMDG Boeing 737 NGX] 4=QX,256,D,28,0,0,0 5=QX,B,0,16383,65585,0 6=QZ,256,F,66382,0,0,0 7=QR,69,D,42,0,0,0 8=QR,U,-16037,-15102,65972,0 9=QU,36,F,66420,0,0,0,*-1 10=QU,B,16348,16383,65967,0 11=QV,69,D,41,0,0,0 12=QV,U,-16005,-15041,65967,0 13=QS,35,F,66423,0,0,0,*-1 14=QS,B,16348,16383,65972,0 15=QT,256,D,23,0,0,0 19=YX,256,F,65763,0,0,0 20=YY,256,F,65762,0,0,0 0=JX,256,F,65763,65868,0,0 1=JY,256,F,65762,65867,0,0 2=JR,256,F,65764,65869,0,0 3=JS,256,F,65765,0,0,0 16=RX,256,D,7,0,0,0 17=RY,256,D,8,0,0,0 18=RR,256,D,3,0,0,0 21=17X,256,D,4,9,0,0 22=17Y,256,D,10,0,0,0 23=17Z,256,D,5,17,0,0 24=17R,256,D,18,0,0,0 25=17U,256,D,6,13,0,0 26=17V,256,D,14,0,0,0 Nevertheless, the axis 17 appears here too. Do I understand that I should remove the pfchid.dll if I have USB PFC hardware? I don't need it? I thought I did...
  25. If you knew how my cables are all in a hidden place in my table, you would understand why I didn't opt for that. I wouldn't know what is what without trial and error or without opening everything up. Yes, it was something about Mouselook - I had to have enabled controllers, but had to painfully delete ALL controller assignments manually. Great. Controllers OFF. Yes, that is what I have been waiting all along for! Thanks for the most awesome support! :)

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