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  1. I found a "solution". Basically the initial Sim Market version crashes on startup on a 64bit Windows edition. It does however work on 32bit platforms. Here is what I did, and this is the only way it will work in its current state. 1. Install original Sim Market version 2. Register it 3. Uninstall the Sim Market version 4. Install the latest update to Toper from this forum 5. Now it will give you an option to activate it 6. Do so 7. It works! The only drag is that I will have to run my laptop to use Toper while in FSX.
  2. Just for testing purposes I uninstalled TOPER, I put back the original SimMarket TOPER but that one crashes on startup. Removed that version, put back the latest version, same result, no luck.
  3. Regarding the text being crossed out, I uploaded a screenshot. The serial that I got from simmarket produces red boxes once entered.
  4. I am using Windows 7 64bit Ultimate. Yes I have NET4.0 installed and there is no crash, the only problem right now seems to be the registration process. Well first of all, the registration screen, all the text looks crossed out. I can still enter the key in all the boxes, however when I press Register, all the boxes become red.
  5. Hi, I'm sorry if this is not the right place to ask but, I can get the tool to work to get a temperature but the tool does not determine which TO to choose (TO, TO-1, TO-2) or which CLB to pick (CLB, CLB-1, CLB-2), it would be awesome if the tool could determine those as well. Utopia tool does a decent job at that for the 777-200 (I haven't really tried any others).
  6. I bought the tool from simmarket tonight, well I bought both the 737 and 777 tools. Let's talk about the 777 for now. The original file that I downloaded from simmarket crashed upon installation. The update in this thread does indeed now open the software but the license key I have on simmarket does not work. What am I doing wrong?
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