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  1. 17 hours ago, fyrakoto said:

    hello ladies and gentlemen,

    I am a newbie with fslabs and trying to make throttle manager to work. I followed the tutorial at the begining of this thread and my throtlle are not going back into reverse mode, instead it moved forward. any help is much appreciated.

    Thank you


    Hi there

    This is what the script actually do. But in case of Airbus, you really don't want the throttles to move forward but rather backwards. Therefore you cannot use the script as it is.

    I can tell you, it works great with FSlabs Concorde in FSX.


    Sven Sorensen, Denmark

  2. While I do have en old fsx installation on another harddisk, the only modules folder is the one the installer correctly finds beneath fsxw7.

    The only thing that is really special is that the fsxw7 folder is located on a SSD which is then mounted under g:\games, which is a HDD.

    Anyway, as the problem is solved, let's not worry about it. 

    Thanks for your time, Brgds


  3. Hi Pete

    First of all: I did read the installation document, but I also let the installer do its thing  without trying to outsmart it. In other words> I just ran it.

    As you can see from the attached log file, the installation completed successfully (at least I do not see any errors,but maybe you can), but the installer did - quite purposefully it seems - create the DLL.XML entry containing the reference to FSUIPC4_Loader.dll. The xml file does NOT reference FSUIPC4.dll, but only FSUIPC4_Loader.dll. And the timestamp is the same as for the install log file.

    FSUIPC4.dll (correct version) is present in the modules folder but as I said, FSUIPC4_Loader was not until I put it there.

    I'm attaching the log file and the resulting dll.xml file. I'm also attaching a previous version of dll.xml, a backup created by FSlabs A320 installer. As you can see, the FSUIPC4.dll is indeed referenced there.

    I will now edit the dll.xml file to reference FSUIPC4.dll directly. I do think you should have a look at the installer.





    FSUIPC4 Install.log

  4. Hi Peter

    I just updated my FSUIPC installation to the latest one, dated nov 8th.

    But it didn't appear in the add-ons menu, so I had a look at the installation logs and various other files.

    It turns out that the install procedure installs FSUIPC4_Loader.dll in the "Modules\FSUIPC Documents" folder, while dll.xml correctly expects to find it in the modules folder...

    Copying it to the modules folder fixed the problem.

    Thought you might like to know :)


    Sven Sorensen

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