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  1. Hello, I've reached out a couple of times and haven't heard back. I formerly used "My Traffic Pro 6.0a" in my FS-Steam sim. I have since deleted that sim and now fly with P3D_v4. Will this traffic software work in P3D? If so, I will appreciate a very simple tutorial as to how to insert it and make it work with my new sim. Thank you! Larry
  2. I have used My Traffic Professional 6.0 in FSX-Steam. I have since removed that sim and have added Prepar3D_v4. I have no experience writing code or creating folders with computer lingo, like described above. Is there a simpler way to install My Traffic into my new sim? I will greatly appreciate your assistance? Thanks, Larry
  3. Hi, I formerly used "my traffic pro 6.0" in my FSX-Steam sim. I have since removed that sim and have just installed P3D_v4. Will the version of "my traffic" that I originally installed work in the new sim? If so, please provide a step-by-step as to how to insert it into the sim. Thanks, Larry
  4. It seems that the gates are always occupied at most medium/large airports that I fly in to. I fly the A320 and typically need a medium gate. Is that typical for MyTraffic? Are there settings to lessen some of the gate occupancy? Thanks!
  5. Thank you, I had figured it out by the time you responded, so all good with the install now. One other question..do all of the aircraft types listed in the "mytraffic/aircraft" folder automatically transfer over to my Steam aircraft folder? If not, what is the procedure to migrate certain equipment (e.g. MD-90, A380, etc.), so that they will occasionally show up in my airports scenery? Thanks again!
  6. How long does it take for a new member's posts to be approved and inserted into the dialogue? It's been several days since I've joined and all I see is "must be approved by moderator". Where is the moderator?
  7. Hi, I am new to the site. I downloaded and installed the "My Traffic" package earlier today. However, I am having much difficulty in actually having it show up in my simulator. I installed the package to my "C" drive and not within my simulators. I have both FSX (DVD) and FSX-SE (download) installed on my computer, but I really only fly the Steam version. I thought I followed the steps in the documentation properly, and the "my traffic" add-on appeared in the scenery files section of the simulator. However, when I clicked okay, an error message popped up, stating that there is an error in the
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