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  1. benibaz

    FSC10 AIRAC Cycle 1804 (answered)

    Hola jgar,tambien tengo FSC9 y ahora FSC10. El airac cycle 1805 ya ha hecho.benibaz.
  2. benibaz

    FSC10 AIRAC Cycle 1804 (answered)

    Hola jgar,gracias por su interes,voy a descarga otra vez el Airac cycle 1805 y hace una copia,y luego transferer a FSC10.benibaz.
  3. Hello,I have just installed FSC10, but the latest airac cycle(1804) does not update from Navigraph.The FSC airac still stays the same (1801) Jan01 - 31Jan /18 whenever I start the program.Can you please help me,thank you.benibaz. O.S. Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit(service pack 1) Flight Sim FSX Acceleration FSC has been installed in F:\
  4. I use Little Nav Map as well as Plan-G now because I cannot configure GoogleEarth in FSC9.v7,I also used to use FS Tramp but that's even worse than FSC.
  5. benibaz

    No data in GPS window (answered)

    Hello Volker,thank you for the correction,although I don't know how it changed colour from orange to black! anyway everything is back to normal.benibaz.
  6. benibaz

    No data in GPS window (answered)

    Hello Volker, these are the specs :- 1. FSX Gold + Aceleration Pack 2. FSUIPC v4 3. I do not use the FSC in a network 4. FS Commander and Database Manager Vers.9.6 REV.7 Net (Build 20 May 2016) 5.Navigraph AIRAC cycle FSC 1613 6. Downloaded from your website 7. Windows 7 Ultimate 8. Sometimes two monitors(1x Dell 1x TV)but not always.
  7. benibaz

    No data in GPS window (answered)

    Hello Volker, have I read what? when I click on the "... have you read this?" hyperlink,it keeps sending me back to my original post.
  8. Hello,when I start FSC and connect to FSX,no data appears in the GPS window,nothing,just a blank GPS window

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