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  1. Fltbuff7197

    Controlling AI

  2. Fltbuff7197

    Controlling AI

    I go into Aircraft config, set alt and speed for B744, but when flying the AI use what was from the bgl files. I thought STB would dynamically adjust speed and alt form the config table I checked the values BEFORE and AFTER starting STB, but the values are not being recognized, ie I say fly B744 at 210 but it is flying at 250 Does it dynamically do this withourt a BGL recompile (as I also use AIPL) for my routes ???
  3. Fltbuff7197

    Flight Selection

  4. Fltbuff7197

    Flight Selection

    Is there any way to select more than one flight so I can force arrive now on all those flights simultaneously ?
  5. Fltbuff7197

    Latest and Final 747 LUA script

    If anyone is interested in additional mods I've made to this lua script, please email me at fltbuff71@gmail.com.
  6. After experimenting some more, I thought it best to load the waypoints file into the script all at once at the beginning. I have it set to 50 occurrences for each of the 3 fields in the array, but you can change it to a smaller or larger value. The larger it is the longer the script takes to initialize. Readme stuff you need to read is at the top of the script in comment lines. Have fun at your own risk...... Latest script click here for OneDrive
  7. Fltbuff7197

    Automated Flight with Stock 747 if you are curious...

    Thanks Pete for that tip. I will experiment... Bob
  8. Since I have ALWAYS received outstanding support from this site and Pete Dowson himself, I thought I would share my recent work, which I started about 3 weeks ago. I just now (after 20 years of FSX), have begun to explore the use of FSUIPC with LUA scripting to control flights, without a joystick. WOW! No guarantees, just have fun if you love math and scripting challenges... If you are not already an expert and/or are curious, have fun with automated scripting using LUA and FSUIPC for unattended or long flights. FSUIPC has logging functions you can turn on to debug script if needed. Also, set FSUIPC misc setting to "center elev on A/P disconnect". ( I had plane dive when I turned off A/P at 175') without this setting... Scripts could be used for any flight, and altitude, but you may have to accordingly. Use at your own risk or curiosity. Make sure to READ the comments at the top of the script BEFORE proceeding ! Here is my OneDrive Link to the script: &nbsp
  9. OK, got it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! After re-reading several other posts, I re-traced my steps and redid what I thought I did in the first place and whalah! set distance to dest airport= 2271.0102539063 set distance to dest airport= 2271.0041503906 set distance to dest airport= 2271.0012207031 set distance to dest airport= 2270.9956054688 set distance to dest airport= 2270.9899902344 set distance to dest airport= 2270.9821777344 I'm my .txt file I write out during script operations, I was able to see correct results for 0x6C38, distance to destination distwork = ipc.readFLT(0x6C38) file:write("\nset distance to dest airport= " .. distwork) file:flush() OH, and per FSUIPC documentation, I made sure I had the PMDG777 OPTIONS.ini file entry below added BEFORE I started FSX: [SDK] EnableDataBroadcast=1 THANKS, issue now closed...
  10. yes that is what I tried... 6C34 but got long number back n.nnnnnnn etc, ?
  11. HI Pete Thanks Again. OK will try that. Quick Question, I found 2 PMDG777 Offsets I would like to extract as a number value, but me the dummy is having issues. 6C34 4 FLT32 FMC_DistanceToTOD nm 0.0 if passed, negative if n/a 6C38 4 FLT32 FMC_DistanceToDest nm negative if n/a If not too much trouble, could you show me the ipc.read... command I can use to get at this data? I used ipc.readFLT(0x0634) but got weird number back n.nnnnnnnnnnn e ???????????? looking for the nnnnn of NM from TOD (FLT32 4 byte value ), also had Destination as an FLT32 4 byte value as well...
  12. THANK YOU so much, I figured it out with your guidance I took the base value for the event "set MCP IAS" add event value resulting on the below. I played with several other settings and got them to work as well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ipc.control("84134", 327) Still testing to make sure solution is consistent . THANKS AGAIN !
  13. Thanks for the quick and helpful repsonse Pete ! I love a challenge and will continue to pursue this until solved. Yes, I have a post on avsim pmdg forum, 77 have viewed but no responces yet, but it has only been 1 full day...
  14. thanks, I saw the .h file but am confused on how to use it. I like the incr decr idea. I will rea]search some more to see if I can figure this out. THANKS
  15. Hello fellow simmers.... I have ran logs, looked at Linda (too compl for me), , looked at fsinterrogate, and can not figure out code needed to set PMDG777 MCP IAS speed. This is the value I want to set automatically via lua x number of minutes from airport. On the 777.... Using FSUIPC loggins (great tool), and the Offset and control documentation, I have been able to figure out the below: setting APP switch on 777 to fully automate inflight actions, I have flaps, gear and APP working. I had DIST working as well which shows me minutes from destination airport... I have all of this working fine on my stock 747, as well, setting all actions at departing airport where all I need to do is release brakes, plane will take off, raise flaps, gear, set APP, NAV1 sw, lower flaps gear, flare up, brake, reverse thrust and stop, totally unattended. I like math and tech challenges and able to log lots flight miles without me sitting at computer for hours,... which I why I do this. Any help on control, lvars, offsets etc for 777's MCP would be greatly appreciated. Bob Higgins

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