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  1. Good afternoon Gentlemen, Seems you had gone too much ahead during my absence. However and in order to make the things clear, I would like to say some sentences also. Mr. Hanse_Rolf and I made some experiments using one and the same plane landing on different airports at different weather conditions. I had asked the program team of SmartCars also for feedback about variables used in their software. TFDi Design confirmed that they are using FSUIPC offset 030C for recording the landing rate. Moreover the conversion calculation for transferring m/s into fpm is applied in SmartCars, which was confirmed by our experimental flights. Stating all the above, the things for me got cleared at this stage. It would be highly appreciated if Mr. Rolf has to say something more because he actually was the active part in the discussion when I was away on my business related duties. Thank you for the support!
  2. Dear Pete, What I wrote above was my lunch break thoughts. I do bother and will do the logging tonight when I go home. I am UTC+4. Have a nice day!
  3. Hi Pete, Thank you for the comments! In regards to the above, let me share my observations also, putting aside SmartCars or whatever other third party software. I had requested an experiment and visualized the debug of P3D and FSUIPC logging for offset 030C. Vertical speed, which comes from the SIM is all the time having a constant difference of app. 200 fpm compared to the one, which comes from 030C (the values of 030C are higher than those of the SIM). Moreover, the PFD of the bus is showing the one, which comes from the SIM. There is something, which comes into my mind after reading your reply stating that offset 030C, is making a copy of offset 02C8 continuously whilst in the air. Please correct me, if I am wrong, but the format of 02C8 is 256*mps. Right? Is there a chance for some wrong conversion to fpm (feet per minute) which the format of 030C is? Thank you!
  4. Hello Pete, Let me try to explain the reason for all my queries till now and ask an additional question. I am flying with a VA using Aerosoft Airbus 320 pro. I noticed that since starting using this new AC, the landing rates registered by SmartCars had increased with app. 200 fpm. This unfortunately is a negative point in my performance, which I wanted to clarify. It was found that TFDi Design, who are providing SmartCars to the VA is monitoring the value of offset 030C, which FSUIPC provides. At the same time Aerosoft were very kind to explain that they are using the original P3D v4 variable “A:Vertical speed, feet per minute” in the PFD display of the Aerosoft Airbus Professional. My question is why between the values got from “030C” (I believe via SimConnect) and the original P3D v4 variable “A:Vertical speed, feet per minute” there is a constant difference of app. 200 fpm? In other words for a certain landing at touchdown, offset 030C displays 560 fpm when at the same time the PFD states app. 370 fpm. Would appreciate your comments. Regards, Georgi
  5. Hi John, Thank you for the reply. I had been through the post you mentioned. Thank you! It is exactly offset 030C, which I am interested in. It would be appreciated if you would like to share more details how it can be read or where I can find more explanation about it. Thank you!
  6. Hi, I have a question about using FSUIPC5 with P3D V4. It is concerning how and in which variable the landing rate can be read? I know at least 2 tools, one of which is Smartcars, which are reading the landing rates and using for their purposes. LRM is another tool for reading the landing rates. Mandatory requirement for both is the FSUIPC to be loaded in the SIM. Thank you in advance!
  7. Hi, I am using A320 pro from Aerosoft. My joystick is Thrustmaster T flight Hotas X and am assigning all buttons and axes with FSUIPC 5.14. Everything else works properly except Autopilot On and Off assignment. Whatever buttons I assign they doesn't work. Can you comment please? Thank you!
  8. Hi Pete, Thank you for the explanation. I had checked the USB hubs as recommended above and the only notification available under the power setting is that the hub is self powered. There is no any check box in the power tab. However and in order to avoid eventual mistakes, let me describe how I am assigning the axes of the joystick. My joystick is having 5 axes, but I am using 4 of them - Ailerons, Elevator, Throttle and Rudder. Type of joystick and SIM type were mentioned in my previous post. I am doing the assignment as follows after entering into Axes assignment tab: - move corresponding control lever of the joystick observing the indication in the area; - click on button Send direct to FSUIPC Calibration; - check one of the check boxes on Type of action required; - chose corresponding action from the drop down menu right on corresponding checkbox; - press Reset button top left and do the same thing with the other control lever; I am assigning a separate check box for each axes, which suits to my needs. No idea actually, if this is correct or not, but at least suits. I proceed with axes calibration after completing the above process for all available axes on my joystick. I prefer to press OK and go back to FSUIPC app before proceeding to a different tab of the menu. Would appreciate your comments.
  9. Hi, I would like to start a new topic concerning a bit "strange" behavior of FSUIPC, but let me start with configuration first: - FSX:SE flight simulator; - Windows 10, 64bit; - Aerosoft Airbus A320/321; - Thrustmaster T. Flight HOTAS X joystick; - FSUIPC 4; Everything was working perfectly OK for months after installation of the SFUIPC and making all necessary settings for the joystick assignments. Unfortunately during the last few weeks the plane started losing controls, which were previously set and adjusted. I had noticed that mainly the axes assignments are lost due to unknown reasons. Setting them again and calibrating the values is working properly for some time and lost again. It applies to slider axes mainly. I have no idea if it matters at all, but these strange actions started to happen after I installed FlyTampa scenery and AI traffic on my system. There is no change now, even if I remove both of them. Please advice.
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