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  1. HEllo @Paul Henty, Could you help me to find the answer for the question above ? thanks
  2. Hello @spokes2112, I tried your lua script today with P3D v5, but it does not work, could you confirm that ? Thanks
  3. Hello Paul, thanks for your reply, Ok, so i will continue using my timer, one question, in the timer, I'm implementing GSX auto selection, and between each GSX selection, I use Thread.sleep(500) : --my timer interval 500 msecs FSUIPCConnection.SendKeyToFS(Keys.F12, SendModifierKeys.Control, null); Thread.Sleep(500); FSUIPCConnection.SendKeyToFS(Keys.F1, SendModifierKeys.None, null); Thread.Sleep(500); FSUIPCConnection.SendKeyToFS(Keys.F1, SendModifierKeys.None, null); Thread.Sleep(500); --my timer interval 500 msecs Do you think it (Thread.sleep) is a good and efficient way to
  4. Hello, May I ask whether FSUIPC C# has any function to monitor the change in offset/Lvars ? I'm using the timer but I would like to know if it exists like in Lua (event.offset, event.Lvars), if not do you have any idea to implement one ? Thanks
  5. Thanks John, another question, when using ipc.sleep, does it block the whole lua script ? (means other actions wont be able to execute during this sleep ?) Thanks
  6. Thanks John, I implemented it with a global boolean variable, I'm thinking of switching my code from lua to C#, do you know whether in c# with FSUIPC DLL there are also the event.offset or event.timer or event.lvar ? thanks @John Dowson @Paul Henty
  7. Hi John, It is exactly that i was not using the latest version, it is fixed now. I have one more question, do you have any idea of how to prevent the initial load of function when using event.offset ? I just dont want to run my function when the lua is loaded, thanks! Except of using boolean global variable, I can"t think of any other way.
  8. I didn't know that thers is a newer version of FSUIPC, mine is FSUIPC6, Version 6.0.9 I will update it to see, Thanks John
  9. my sim is P3D v5 and FSUIPC 6 Sorry if i was not clear enough, Before adding event.key, my ipc.keypress worked normally Yes my loop function is still getting called by the timer, and yes my aftertakeoff function also gets called when I press 191, everything works except the ipc.keypress stops working when I add event.key line
  10. Hi John, Thank you for your reply, My lua running, it worked normally for the numer 1-9 of GSX Select Option, only until I added event.key then ipc.keypress stopped working the loop function reads for anti collision light ON and the Ground Call switch on 737 overhead is pushed, then start GSX push back, just when I added event.key to run another function then my push back GSX keypress is not working anymore (that means the GSX Menu is opened but number pressed is not working) Thanks John!
  11. Hello, By adding event.key in my lua script, the GSX select option by keyboard number from 1-9 (called by ipc.keypress) does not work anymore, do you have any idea why ? function aftertakeoff() ipc.log("test") end event.key(191, 8, 'aftertakeoff') Thanks
  12. Thanks i will have a look, also one more question, would it be possible to add time delay between each action (macro?) Thanks
  13. I would like to ask if it is possible in FSUIPC to do a sequence of clicks for FMC / MCDU, for example, I would like to access to one page in the MCDU but i have to click many buttons in order to access it, I know and already use the FSUIPC function KeyPress/Macro where we can record a mouse click at a specific location. would it be possible to use Macro for a chain of clicks with FSUIPC ? Or you guys have any other idea to implement this ? Thanks
  14. Hi Thomas, is there any other smaller value than 25384 ? how to know which value to set it ? thanks
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