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  1. Thanks i will have a look, also one more question, would it be possible to add time delay between each action (macro?) Thanks
  2. I would like to ask if it is possible in FSUIPC to do a sequence of clicks for FMC / MCDU, for example, I would like to access to one page in the MCDU but i have to click many buttons in order to access it, I know and already use the FSUIPC function KeyPress/Macro where we can record a mouse click at a specific location. would it be possible to use Macro for a chain of clicks with FSUIPC ? Or you guys have any other idea to implement this ? Thanks
  3. Hi Thomas, is there any other smaller value than 25384 ? how to know which value to set it ? thanks
  4. Hi, I'm flying FSLabs and my rudder is a bit sensitive, I set one axis in FSUIPC of my gamepad to be the rudder, I wonder if it is possible to limit the rudder movement in order to descrease the sensitivity ? I already tried to use Filter with Scope (Curve) but still quite sensitive for me Thanks
  5. Hi, I would like to get the flight plan already loaded in p3D with lng and lat, what is the FSUIPC Offset for this ? Thanks
  6. Thanks Paul for your kindness, Yes, I pass them as decimal degrees without any further processing, into the polyline of GMap Api I will check back on my side if I did anything wrong, and get back to you if I have some doubts. Thanks again, and have a nice day.
  7. Yes, I do, in my wpf application, I have one function that reads xml file and get only the first two lat and lng into a List of <string> and send them to JS
  8. Thanks Paul for your reply, yes I have it here, created by PFPX . By the way, for example: <WorldPosition>N44° 49' 43.001975",W0° 42' 55.000000",+000166.00</WorldPosition> I just took the two first as they are lat and lgn, i'm not sure about the third parameter (+000166.00), do you have any idea and do you think it affects to the precision ? Thanks LFBDENGM01.pln Yes, I received it, will reply you tonight.
  9. Bonjour, désolé pour le retard, mon fichier .pln est en local, c'est juste une petite appli wpf qui envoie des GPS coordinates à mon web client(c#/HTML). Sorry to post in french as M Frédéric asked me in french.
  10. Thanks Paul for your quick reply, Yes in javascript I have one function that convert E45* 36.1' from PFPX *.pln into "only decimal" value ("50.1506435458109") Here in the the JS function : parseDMS So there are 2 different sources , lat and long that are sent from FSUIPC .NET to the web client that draws the green polyline following the plane, and the other that gets coordinates from *.pln and draw them on google map as red polylin
  11. Thanks a lot, I finally could get all those info.
  12. Hi, I'm using some examples on the internet to develop a small moving map, however, on the map the plane is flying a few mile to the left / right of the red flight plan polyline (photo attached) I wonder if the code that I'm using does not have a right data type (missing some decimal value ?) Note that the flight plan polyline (red) that I draw on the map based on the coordinates that generated by PFPX (*.pln file) here is the example code that I got from the internet I dont remember where, may be from this forum : Do you have any idea ? Thanks Photo : https://ibb.co/bSHtCb
  13. Hi, How can I get the aircraft information like Flight Number / Aircraft Type / Reg No.... I have seen one FSUIPC offset to get those info but I still haven't figure out of how to get them out of aircraft.cfg. Thanks in advanced!
  14. Hi, I'm developing a small application with FSUIPC .NET, i dont know if it exists a way to check P3D is running or not? //Check P3D running Before starting Process() FSUIPCConnection.Process(); // Process the request to FSUIPC FSUIPCConnection.Process("AircraftInfo"); // For aicraft typ Thanks
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