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  1. It did not hold. It taxied onto the runway as initially told and ignored my hold instruction.
  2. Hi, I am brand new to Tower!3d Pro, and posted another thread an mentioned VR (I play VERY few non-VR games these days) and I noticed you have been bitten by the bug as well. When you say "the next version" or Tower!3DX do mean patches for Tower!3D Pro or a whole new retail version? I really love the game so far, but I would like to see some more camera options, a career mode, and even VR support for this version? Thanks, happy holidays, and congrats
  3. Hi, I just got it for xmas and started playing today. Fun so far! but I had some questions. 1) Is it possible to move the location of the "tower camera"? Are there any plans to improve the camera functions? For example, I'd like to be able to move the tower at TIST to the other side of the runway, not in the middle of the woods. Maybe even change the altitude? Or even a free roam camera? 2) Why is the zoom so limited? I can barely see the aircraft. It'd be nice to have a binocular option that was a close in zoom. 3) Why does the camera seem to point in a random direction when the aircraft is too far away? That was very confusing! Made me think aircraft were flying in from the wrong direction. 4) Any plans to add a physical tower room? For the reason below really. 5) This is the perfect simulation to support VR. Voice control, move around with tracked motion controllers, etc... And this is in Unity- if the scaling was correct, it's just a checkbox and boom built in VR support. Basically, how much more is it being developed? It still feels a bit unfinished compare to Tower!2011 which I am a HUGE fan of. Thanks!
  4. Oh, I was wondering how that worked, thanks! I does seem the problem went away as long as I don't calibrate the axis. Unfortunately, the whole of the documentation for their product is lacking. Like the step-by-step tutorial flight is very hand holding and I landed fine the first try- but they have you punching in some numbers without explaining why they are using those numbers. It would be nice if they explained why.
  5. They claim that the "Tiller steering" axis is just another rudder axis or something. They should have at least used propeller 4 axis or something. And yes, it's hard coded, and they probably won't do any updates to fix it. Oh well, I'll just try it uncalibrated. Thanks for the help!
  6. Hi, Yes it is a throttle assignment. That is hardcoded in the Aerosoft Airbus as the "steering tiller". So even if it says -16384 uncalibrated what is P3D reading it as? It would seem odd they would choose an axis that is asymmetrical. If I don't calibrate it, does it send it as -16384?
  7. Hi, let me try to explain this: I have a trim wheel on my logitech g940 (the rotary dial on the base of the flightstick). I have it set as throttle 3 to use as the tiller in Aerosoft's Airbus 318. It seems to work, but sometimes I can't turn right (clockwise). In FSUIPC I have it set to a normal axis.The reverse side does not seem to go further than 4096. That's probably by design, but I think it affects the steering. So how can I get the full range (-16383 to 16383) into flight simulator so the tiller works fully in both directions?
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