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  1. On 10/11/2019 at 8:05 PM, 707FAN said:

    Andrew, I am a bit biased being an Aussie, but I have found YMML quite interesting & challenging at some times of the day due to the runwy setup. I have made a  one day custon schedule (not published)  using  timetable scheduled dep & Arr times with minor modifications. Also I have included ALL foreign operators  (some only operate on certain days) in the schedule. It can be challenging to control slow (dash 8-400, Atr42/72) aircraft to/from  the runways in amongst the jets/heavies etc. 

    If there is any interest in the schedule I might publish it in the list of schedules. Like all custon schedules it has to be reviewwd as operators change into any airport.

    Kev M

    I am biased too being a Kiwi lol - any chance of trying out your schedule please?  YMML always interested me even in my flightsimming days.

  2. 19 hours ago, 707FAN said:

    Yeh, they can't fly & only come out at night.😁 Sorry Ben, the old friendly  Kiwi/ Aussie rivalary .

    For Fordy, this is a fairly common practice by the experienced schedule builders. It is also used whenever it is required to differentiate operators arrivign at different terminals but usng the same ICAO & IATA codes. Examples are:

    1. Freight operators e.g. Cathay Pacific, Singapore cargo etc.

    2. Operators operating domestic & intnl. flights where they Dep/Arr at different terminals. e.g. American Airlines in the US, You want the dom flights & the Intl flights to operate at different terminals. SFO is an example of this.

    3. Small operators that don't have ICAO & IATA codes. e.g T#.

    On a different heading, maybe someone could produce an airlines.txt list of the made up codes and have some sort of standardisation for these to help make sure duplicates don't happen.

    Kev M


    Thanks for the info - getting my head around it.

    So Qantas and Qantas Link (regional) use different codes

    QF for the first and according to the master code list the IATA code for Qantas Link is J# 

    ICAO is QJE which goes to terminal 1 at Melbourne.. the custom schedule i saw for melbourne is showing in the airlines txt:

    QLK, Q#, Q-LINK, Qantas Link, Australia  and the Q# as the code in the schedule so its confusing...if we use the wrong code will it be like a white paper plane?


    trying to figure out how to do it correctly

  3. Thanks for the info..some of the custom schedules I have seen look like this:

    // Depart,Arrive,Type,Airline,Flight,Arrival,Departure,Duration,Codeshare


    What is the hash used for? I couldnt' find an explanation for this?

    Freight flights are they done in the same format as normal passenger flights?

    Thank you



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