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  1. Hi, I have a Lua file which runs automatically and detects whether a button is pressed for a short time or a longer time. This emulates the push and pull function of the FCU Alt, and Speed knobs on the A32NX which engage the managed or selected functions. The FSUIPC>AddOns>WASM>Execute Calculator Code works if I execute it within the FSUIPC Interface, but the code in the LUA does not work. If I execute the following pull event within FSUIPC>AddOns>WASM>Execute Calculator Code, it works (>H:A320_Neo_FCU_ALT_PULL) (>H:A320_Neo_CDU_MODE_SELECTED_ALTITUDE) Same for Push.... It works fine within FSUIPC>AddOns>WASM>Execute Calculator Code (>H:A320_Neo_FCU_ALT_PUSH) (>H:A320_Neo_CDU_MODE_MANAGED_ALTITUDE) So, the attached Altitude LUA code does not work. However, the attached LUA file for speed (which is virtually identical), DOES work ! Yes, I have confirmed the button and joystick numbers are correct. My FSUIPC INI file is also attached. FCU_Alt.lua FCU_Speed.lua FSUIPC7.ini FSUIPC7.log
  2. OK no problem. It is probably something particular with my system. Anyway, I have a good work around. Thanks again.
  3. Hi John, Please note, I had already deleted the changes you had asked me to previously make below. LogLevel=Debug LvarUpdateFrequency=6 LvarUpdateFrequency=Off So I used your new FSUIPC.exe without those entries above... The console log showed as below before I acknowledged pop up...... Console Started ... 216938 3616 === FSUIPC has been stopped 216984 3616 === FSUIPC main window destroyed 216984 3616 === FSUIPC window hooks removed 216984 3616 === Critical sections deleted 216984 3616 === Closing log file....Bye! 216984 System time = 17/06/2021 21:01:49 216984 3616 *** FSUIPC log file being closed Minimum frame rate was 26.7 fps, Maximum was 117.2 fps Average frame rate for running time of 157 secs = 65.9 fps Maximum AI traffic for session was 47 aircraft Traffic deletions 0 aircraft Memory managed: 27 Allocs, 26 Freed ********* FSUIPC Log file closed *********** FSUIPC log also attached FSUIPC7.log
  4. No it does not occur. I disabled it and no difference Yes up to date I found I did not have .Net 3.5 installed but I did have 4.8 installed. So I installed 3.5. No difference. One of the first things i did. No issues with resource integrity. Mine is system managed on the C drive with 9.7 GB allocated (I have 64 GB of ram) Version 7.1 seemed fine. Just started with 7.2
  5. OK I waited quite a while after MSFS shut down with Alt F4 - well after the cockpit noises stopped - then I exited FSUIPC from the tray icon. Then after about 3 seconds the error popped up. John it's close to midnight here in Australia so I will have to sign off. Thanks for your help but I have work arounds for both problems. I can try some more things if you want to tomorrow. regards, Peter
  6. Yes. No. MSFS disappears, then the logging closes, then the FSUIPC interface disappears, then the pop up error displays. Same problem exactly. Log attached.... MSFS disappears, then the logging closes, then the FSUIPC interface disappears, then the pop up error displays. Nope, still no error for me....very strange.... Well I'm stumped !! FSUIPC7.log
  7. Yes it is in that path but I do have MSFS installed to a separate drive so the C:\Users\Peter\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe part is on my C drive and then it puts a shortcut to localcache from the c drive to the separate hard drive, but yes the path is the same. The simconnect version did not work.
  8. So I did this part as well and I get the same error again when I hit Alt F4. Log file attached. FSUIPC7.log
  9. Ok so I did this part and I still get the error, but when I hit Alt-F4, the console window closed too quickly for me to catch the last message but I have attached the log file for you FSUIPC7.log
  10. Hi John, I changed the start of the lua files to [Auto] in the ini file. Some interim findings. For both the Dev and Stable versions of the A32NX, when I exit to the main menu then exit to desktop there is no error message. However, when I exit a flight using Alt-F4 without going back to the main menu, then I get the error. I am not au fait with the client side of things but I will attempt to do what you asked. Also, when I install FSUIPC and ensure a tick is placed in the "Start with MSFS" box, I find that FSUIPC does not start with MSFS. I have checked the Exe.xml (attached) and all seems ok there. The only way I can get it to automatically start with MSFS is to edit out the comments in the bat file. Any ideas on this one ? EXE.xml
  11. Here is the ipcReady.lua file... I will try the [Auto] section. It will take me a little while to do the other tests.. ipcready.lua
  12. Hi John, files attached. Yes it does happen every time on exit but the Lua files work fine. It is the development version of the A32NX FCU_Hdg.lua FCU_Speed.lua FCU_VS.lua FSUIPC7.ini FCU_Alt.lua
  13. HI, I am getting this error when MSFS 2020 exits. I am running Lua files which access HVARs and LVARs on the A32NX by FlyByWire. I have attached the associated log file. Thanks, Peter
  14. Yes indeed just prior to the FSUIPC event there was a FS2020 exception but alas it did not say what the faulting module was !! I have already deleted the log for FSUIPC as I tried a re-install. Will know better next time.....
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