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  1. 3 hours ago, FeelThere said:

    Thank you for the heads up. Bluehost insisted there wasn't any issue with the hosting and it took us this long to prove them indeed there was some issue. Hopefully it's fixed now. 

    Thank you for your patience



    Still loading very very slowly on a 1 Gb connection.

  2. Many thanks! Purchasing now.....(along with KIAD my previous home airport).

    Happy T-Day!

    Update: Is any body else having Feelthere server issues? I am getting a 500 server error on some pages and others that do load are glacially slow.


  3. 17 hours ago, DeltaVII said:

    Hey, @FeelThere, two (horrifying) quick questions: What percentage of your customers buys just the airports without the corresponding Real Color packs? And what percentage of your customers buys only the game and airports without ever buying Real Traffic? (Should be easy to determine, if you know how many copies of every product were sold without refunding...)

    I'm sure they won't release this kind of proprietary sales information. I don't blame them.

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