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  1. @scoobflight completely different bugs. This is for taxiiing, the other is for a jetway not moving. @arctichound there are a number of terminals at a variety of airports that still have gates that cause routing errors after the plane has pushed back. Most of these (actually all, but I was trying to be polite) could be resolved by fixing a couple of bugs in the game engine. Unfortunately, feelThere have stated a number of times in the past 4 years that they will not be making any further updates to the game engine. A small number of reported terminal bugs have been fixed by a service pack for the affected airport. However, if a service pack is going to be made, it is usually made within the first 6 months of the airport being released. CYVR was released near the end of May in 2019, so the chances of a service pack is basically nil.
  2. Not sure they cared too much about backward compatibility in the Window 11 beta, considering the hardware restrictions for installation. I also never said they were getting rid of .NET Framework completely, just that it doesn't come installed with windows 11. The early betas only included .NET Core 5 (no longer called framework) and did not include earlier frameworks, which is why there are tutorials available that show people how to install the earlier frameworks on windows 11. I'm not sure what is included in the latest betas as I haven't checked. p.s. I think 4.8 was included as well. The game uses 3.5.
  3. Microsoft also ditched .NET Framework on earlier builds of Windows 11 and only included .NET Core. As the game is built using .NET Framework, this could be the issue also.
  4. On a lot of newer systems it seems to be pretty common that the game doesn't like Wi-Fi or at least certain Wi-Fi drivers. Try turning off your laptop's Wi-Fi and then see if the game will work.
  5. Do what everyone else does: grab some white-out and change the northern Y8 & Y10 to Z1 & Z2 respectively. Disclaimer: Do not use white-out on computer screens. These views do not necessarily reflect those of the company that make white-out nor are they endorsed by any company making white-out that I am aware of. feelThere may or may not endorse this practice, but as far as I am aware has made no comment in any previous post either in approval or disapproval of this practice.
  6. Nope, that is a GA plane, loaded from the GAandLocalTraffic.txt file. If it was a Garuda Indonesia flight, then it would have been loaded from the schedule.txt file and have the appropriate flight number and callsign. All the GA planes are white normally, but if there is a texture that matches the plane's type and has the "_ga" extension (i.e. XXXX_ga) then that texture will be applied to the GA plane. I do not recall ever seeing a non-white GA plane by default (i.e. livery included in the RT file's model). Edit: I could take a screenshot with the same plane requesting to do a "stop and go" if that will convince you that it is, in fact, a GA plane 🙂
  7. I'm not sure if you mean "Do I have a list of GA aircraft I would like to see factory liveries on?" or "Do I have a list of GA aircraft that the game currently puts liveries on?" For the first: No I have not looked through all of the available aircraft types and created a list of those that I would like to have GA liveries for. For the second: As a test, I changed the second line in the RT tist_gaandlocaltraffic.txt file to TIST, KLAX, 10:00, 332, 1N4634, 0, 0, 0, Nero 4634, NERO FOUR SIX THREE FOUR and took this screenshot. I may or may not have used a custom mod to get the screenshot that only has the ability to move the camera without changing how the rest of the game functions. 😄
  8. No fake codes are needed for GA traffic from GAandLocalTraffic.txt file, they all use the IATA code ga (i.e. CNA._ga, CNF._ga, CNT._ga etc.). I'm talking about the things like some of the default thick red/blue pinstrip liveries on some Cessnas, Beechcraft's distinctive yellow etc. @EliGrim Technically, default liveries for all aircraft types could be added to the default models in the Real Traffic pack, these would then be replaced by an airline livery if one is found. Edit: Being able to add the textures to the default planes via an external livery pack would require changes to the game code and we know that is not going to happen. 🙂
  9. I think it is an interesting idea. However, I think it could be made more enticing to include some General Aviation liveries for all the, currently, white GA planes, seeing as these packs would be general updates instead of airport specific. A lot of GA planes have "stock" factory paint jobs available.
  10. For those that come in late and want some context instead of just deleted posts. 🙂
  11. Ok, I'm done with this conversation. @MJKERR The first 3 examples you provided for OMDB are working as I described. The 4th example is a fake. Don't fake log files. A real example: COMMAND: FDB683 RUNWAY 30L CLEARED TO LAND 05:05:40 * FDB683 => ADD HISTORY: FDB683: RUNWAY 30L CLEARED TO LAND FDB683 COMMAND: FDB683 VACATE RUNWAY RIGHT ONTO TAXIWAY M8 05:05:51 * FDB683 => ADD HISTORY: FDB683: VACATE RUNWAY RIGHT ONTO TAXIWAY M8 FDB683 05:08:29 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-2 OWNER_TOWER r: 30L * FDB683 => escape cross: M8 Your examples at EGLL are also working as I described
  12. Most likely you won't, as I based the command on Eli's post and my own memory. i.e. I didn't check it for accuracy. The actual commands are #airplane1; VACATE RUNWAY LEFT ONTO TAXIWAY ;#taxiway1 #airplane1; VACATE RUNWAY RIGHT ONTO TAXIWAY ;#taxiway1 and should already be in your tower3d.rec file
  13. @EliGrim I'm assuming that he has them exiting at S7 to head to Cargo/T4, due to him complaining about the taxi routes around T4 in an earlier post. The reason why left/right doesn't make sense here is that the direction is determined by where the centre of all of the terminals in the whole airport is, not the centre of the terminals the plane could go to. So in this case the game would pick exiting to the "right" of Runway 27L and look for a S7 taxiway that exits in that direction. Personally, I think it's failing to find the S7 taxiway to the right, then looks for the first taxiway in either direction and, even if S7 & N7 exit at exactly the same point, it just happens that it checks S7 before N7 and determines it can use S7. I'll never know for certain, I have no desire to delve into this any deeper in order to find out as it provides no benefit to me to debug code that I'm not using. 🙂
  14. Actually @MJKERR does have a valid point, as you would think that S7 is pointing away from the centre of all of the terminals. However, I was trying to keep the explanation as simple as possible. In reality the game does not use the concept of "left" or "right" of the runway, it uses the dot product of the non-normalised taxiway exit vector and the normalised normal, on the side closest to the centre of all of the terminals, of the runway vector to determine if the taxiway is pointing in the correct direction. Using non-normalised and normalised vectors in a dot product to determine angle is mathematically incorrect, and could be what is causing this anomaly. Or it could simply be that S7 does exit the runway before N7. They are 2 separate Taxiways and therefore can join the taxiway at separate points, even if this is not visually noticeable. So when the program gets to the "just take the next available exit" part, then S7 is selected first.
  15. @MJKERR All of those exits are on the side of the runway that is opposite from the centre of all of the terminals at OMDB. So you need to use the command that includes which side to leave the runway from i.e. "VACATE RUNWAY XX RIGHT ONTO TAXIWAY XX" An example using the info I provided above: If you use the command "EXIT AT TAXIWAY Mike-5-Bravo"; when the plane's state changes to "ESCAPE_RUNWAY" it determines that the left side of the runway is closest to the centre of all of the terminals as it has not been told to exit left/right it will use this direction (i.e. left). It then tries to find a taxiway named 'M5B' exiting on the left side of the runway that is less than 98 degrees from its direction of travel. As there is no M5B on the left side of the runway, this fails. It then tries to find the first exit in any direction that is less than 98 degrees from its direction of travel. This can be on the right if the first taxiway only exits to the right, if it exits to the left and right from the same point, it will use the left exit.
  16. @Ripskin As @crbascott said, a plane will not exit before its rollout is complete. The rollout is complete when you are awarded the 10 points and the plane changes its state to "ESCAPE_RUNWAY". When its state has changed to "ESCAPE_RUNWAY" it will then determine which side of the runway the centre of all of the terminals is on and set its runway exit direction towards that point. If it has been told to exit left/right it will use this direction instead. It then tries to find the first exit on that side of the runway that is less than 98 degrees from its direction of travel. If this fails, it will then tries to find the first exit in any direction that is less than 98 degrees from its direction of travel. If this fails, you get a "Map Error" penalty. @MJKERR What runway is it landing on, what taxiway are you trying to get it to exit at, what taxiway is it exiting at, and what terminal/stand is the plane going to? With that information I could tell you why its not working.
  17. You can use "Exit at Taxiway XX" any time after you have cleared the plane to land until it finishes its landing rollout (i.e. when you get the 10 pts). The plane will not exit the runway before it finishes its rollout, even if you told it to exit at an earlier taxiway and it said "Yes, I'll exit there". There is a bug in the game where the plane does not take into account the length of the displaced threshold. So it checks from the start of the runway, using its rollout distance, to determine if it can exit at the given taxiway before telling you that it can. The problem with Dubai is that it has displaced thresholds between 4000 and 5100 feet, so it will say that it can exit at a taxiway up to 5100 feet before it really can. However, It still will not exit until it has finished its landing rollout. Addendum - Yes I know that the real Dubai Airport does not have displaced thresholds between 4000 and 5100 feet. However, the game uses 'fake' displaced thresholds of these sizes to make the plane land further down the runway.
  18. Now that you've updated the card again, I thought I'd let you know that "callsign TAXI TO RUNWAY runway" will work with all ATs and VIAs that "callsign RUNWAY runway#" does as they both call the same function with everything after the word RUNWAY as their parameters. Of course an entry for each variation needs to be added to the REC file for them to work. note: This is only for "AT", "VIA" and "TAXI VIA", other commands starting with "callsign RUNWAY runway#" call different functions.
  19. You need to add the commands to your tower3d.rec file or use EliGrim's modified tower3d.rec file for the voice commands to work. Just to be sure: I installed a clean version of the game Added EGLL Tested the commands Sure enough, the new commands did not work. So then: I downloaded EliGrim's modified tower3d.rec file Replaced the original tower3d.rec file with the modified tower3d.rec file Tested the commands And, just like that the new commands did work.
  20. Yep, my mistake. I forgot which one had the higher version number. The 'ns' is added if the steam library doesn't load, so I'm used to ignoring that. 🙂
  21. @powmia1972 It looks like you are trying to run the steam version of the game with some files missing. Run the steam file verifier for the game to restore the missing files.
  22. Looks like they can line up aircraft on the deferred threshold at the start of Runways 09L & 09R as well at the intersection N10 on 09R in that sim. I wonder if we will ever be able to do that in this new Heathrow (EGLL) airport.
  23. I know, I made the post based on the "squeaky wheel" theory 🙂
  24. The most important thing about the file format is the spacing. The game breaks up each line by column. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890 AAA ANAA_FRENCH_POLYNESIA 17.25 S 145.30 W NTGA 3-5 IATA 7-45 NAME (not used) 48-EOL DATA The data section is then split up by whitespace into geolat, geolat_dir, geolon, geolon_dir & icao. The name is never used and can contain spaces. The data the game provides for latitude and longitude is a mixture of decimal degrees and degree.minutes (sexagesimal degrees), however the game uses all of the values as if they were decimal degrees and uses great circle math to determine what heading a plane should fly after takeoff.
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