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  1. sesc360

    Offset pmdg

    Ok understood! Thanks for the explanation. Now I got it working!
  2. sesc360

    Offset pmdg

    I would be interested to learn more about the Offset Mapping. In the Mapping from PMDG to FSUIPC PDF for the 737 it is mentioned: "The list here is simply a version of the full list in the PMDG_NGX_SDK.h file with the hexadecimal offset (6420-661F inclusive), size in bytes, and type of value added." Where is (6420-661F inclusive) coming from? My example uses the LTS_AntiCollisionSw that is defined in the PMDG SDK struct "PMDG_NGX_Control" with the value 0x6501 So if I want to write a proper mapping and would not have the PDF available, how would I correctly map the values instead? Is this a random number selected for this switch?
  3. Dear all, I read a lot about how to connect FSUIPC with PMDG, but still feel stuck. I want to start simple and just flick a switch for a start, so what I did is this to flick the AntiCollisionLight on the OVHD. 1) Adapt the ini of PMDG 2) write up a test function to switch the light switches private Offset<BitArray> Lights = new Offset<BitArray>(0x0D0C, 2); private Offset<int> sendControl = new Offset<int>(0x3110, true); private Offset<int> controlParameter = new Offset<int>(0x3114); private readonly int EVT_OH_LIGHTS_ANT_COL = 69756 ; public void Process() { try { FSUIPCConnection.Process(); } catch (FSUIPCException ex) { if (ex.FSUIPCErrorCode == FSUIPCError.FSUIPC_ERR_SENDMSG) { // Send Message error - connection lost to FSUIPC FSUIPCConnection.Close(); } else { throw ex; } } } public void SetLightSwitch(int lightSwitch, bool state) { // this.Lights.Value[(int)lightSwitch] = state; controlParameter.Value = EVT_OH_LIGHTS_ANT_COL; sendControl.Value = Convert.ToInt32(state); } The function Process() is called through a timer in my .net windows form app every 200ms. When I start the app nothing happens within PMDG 737NGX. I tested my functions with a default plane and I can switch my switches with the commented out line in my SetLightswitch properly, so the connection is working. I have difficulties understanding how to read and write to PMDG only using FSUIPC. Can you help me please and show me an example how it is done properly?

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