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  1. Currently it is working...I went through every option for the microphone and enabled it. Then I turned off the WiFi and ran the program "As Administrator" as normal and it is working. Now I just checked after enabling the WiFi and it is not working. I did an update some time in Dec, I played on my flight 12/21 and it worked. After installing EGLL, it didn't work. I tried at the time of my original reply to this post and the WiFi was on. So it has something to do w/ the speech and WiFi but I have not put the two together to figure out why.
  2. Sorry been traveling. It worked yesterday so I played EGLL and today is not working. I did notice it was stopping at the speech part before it crashed. I can agree maybe Windows Update did it because I have not played since the bigger update.
  3. Mine just started again, did DavyJones figure it out? Everything was updated and I just installed EGLL & RC_EGLL...I played on the plane Dec 22 and now this.
  4. I am not the smartest at this game but my MAC does this also when I hook up to the TV. When i pop out those displays to the second screen my computer cannot process that correctly so I have to click back into the main screen for it to function without the frame drop. The second screen will function but if I click off of the main screen To the second, the MAC cannot handle that graphically. So try clicking back into the main screen and see what happens.
  5. I have this happen also on busy airports. On my old Sony Vaio it would happen and it still happens on my current computer (Mac). But, the question is...are you using a second monitor? Mine does it only when running both screens. For example if I am just using the TV it does not freeze or delay but if I am using ADIRS on the laptop screen and running the computer as the main it will freeze/delay. I considered it my problem not the player because it worked fine on without the second screen enabled.
  6. Since you are knowledgeable, I have a crazy quration...I sent you a DM
  7. So far, I am enjoying this one...wishin7g for a little more traffic for fun but I have no complaints so far. This one just literally works. I'm not good at the little things but I changed the 744s to the current fleet of 787 for some airlines and and it looks great! @FeelThere, I love this! Thank you again for your hard work and being deployed this is a stress reliever to sit in the room and have some fun on the SIM...btw, is Heathrow next 🙂
  8. I deleted the FeelThere folder completely after doing uninstall in each folder and then restarted the computer. Installed TD3Pro and played LAX. Then installed all other airports. Thanks Vic, I found a real old post that said install RT before RC and I did that. Then installed RC on all airports and now I am playing LAX the same as before with no issues. Don't know what happen but it started after playing EDDM one day and snowballed. When I exited the airports said OPTION along with the time and weather area of the main screen. Thanks fellas, hoping to see more airports soon! Great work!
  9. I tried to reinstall TD3Pro and I can install all the other packs and they work except the native packs will not work such as SAN, LAX, TIST and PHL...they stick at 27% All the other purchased airports work, just not the native. I redownloaded the latest SP and still no luck. Is this a FT or NYG problem? When I check the folders there are files missing such as manifest or something in those terms. I deleted the FeelThere program first and restarted the computer a couple of times, was there another folder that I missed? Mouse output_log.txt
  10. I wouldn't mind having a custom on RT...I would do it but not sure how to add to the schedule. I had Dick's Creator for the USA airports but to create one myself might be a little funky unless I know what the columns really mean and order.
  11. So far I like it. The long runways are kinda cool. Avwriter is correct, once traffic builds it will be a little more difficult but manageable. I would love to increase the traffic and add more cargo flights out of this airport though. I have not tried the RC yet, just being lazy but I will at some point.
  12. I found SP2 on my old computer and tried it...I have had no issues since playing this morning. I'll continue to test it, I could have just had a corrupt or file or something. I will redownload 3.3c and try it again at some point. Thanks for the help sir!
  13. I do have real traffic but the schedule is a made up schedule. I did not know about the "EXIT AT TAXIWAY" command. I am on KSFO SP1 and 3.3c which came out recently. On KSFO, crossing the runways w/o a command is still there but acft do hold at the hold lines at 10R now. Again, I am not sure why planes started landing longer on KLAX...it was weird to me when I saw a CRJ taxi all the way to the end of 25L at 44 knots then 19 knots. The next acft exited A all of a sudden and the Dashville exited at N. I have been playing this for a long time and the winds were calm. Like I said, I don't know but just crazy things. I tested out KJFK and also the acft are landing longer than they have been before. I know at one point I thought there was a fix on KLAX to stop certain acft from landing and exiting G but this is just puzzling me.
  14. I have downloaded the latest SP1 and still having the problem on all of my airports (attached log is KSFO). I am just wondering why I cannot have planes land and exit L (KSFO) instead of E. The commands say the runway is too short. I think it is kinda crazy because another aircraft is landing and either the aircraft has stopped on the runway or is starting the touchdown at the same time when they exit E. So to me it's useless to have the aircraft taxi at E when they are just cruising to E when in previous versions they would have exited at L. I am not sure the reasoning but in all games it has made it a little more interesting because at LAX I had planes exiting to A for some unknown reason. Maybe it's my computer or a corruption somewhere on our end since we are the only one having this issue. At the end of the day, I do love the game and it's my outlet but I am just trying to understand that everything was good and then KSFO came out and now I have the craziest things happening when I was working KLAX like a boss. Didn't make it hard, it just made it confusing. Mouse output_log.txt
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