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  1. I guess I just wasn't giving it enough time to connect...sorry :/ After waiting a minute or two it connected; I have it running Plan-G flight planner smoothly on my client laptop now. Thanks for all of your help. I'm off to try and figure out how to make SimConnect work for AS16 now... Appreciate everything and the software (and support) was definitely worth the $!
  2. Well, I never actually started the engine! I just did and now suddenly I have a WideServer.log file, but I'm not at home so let me get home and get connected and see what happens. I'll update you later today when I do. Never thought not starting the engine would have impacted it! I'll keep you posted when I connect on the network later. Thanks
  3. Here are the log files from the Modules folder. These are the only two I see. Also, I've started FSX and gotten "into" the sim per se while trying to connect to the client. I can see FSUPIC from the add-on menu and everything looks fine and it says it and WideFS are registered. Hopefully these are the log files you are looking for. Thanks FSUIPC4 Install.log FSUIPC4.log
  4. Thank you for the swift response. I hope I am not intruding in you holiday weekend. Thank you for that clarification. I had read in several other places about using AS16 through WideFS; perhaps I was misreading what they were doing. I've purposefully been trying to avoid using SimConnect because I've heard nothing but problems and I am no expert at networking. Yes, that was as a result of my earlier efforts to use simconnect. I didn't read anything in the WideFS docs about needing this, but I figured I would include it in case it could have affected anything I was doing. Oddly enough, there is no log file in the Modules folder. I did not move the WideServer.dll and .ini files into Modules as I'm running FSX and I didn't think I needed to -- that part was a little confusing because I saw it was required for older versions of FS. Should I move them into this folder? I'm not sure how to assign fixed IP addresses, but I'll research and apply this. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear about this, but both laptops are direct connected by Ethernet cable to the router. I read about the gotchas using wifi so I've erred on the side of caution by having both hardwired through the router. Thank you for the clarification...I will remove the rule I created in the modem. However, I created rules to allow the 8002 and 9002 ports open through the firewall on my private networks, but that didn't work. I ended up turning the firewall off on both computers, but again nothing changed. I am however running AV on both laptops; it sounds like I may need to check my exceptions list. I'll look into that today. I'm sorry, for brevity I said DESKTOP..., but in the WideClient.ini file the sever is correctly named. It sounds like the start of my problem may be the missing log files, so before I start tweaking anything else should I move the Wideserver dll and ini files into the Modules folder? Thanks again!
  5. I recently purchased both FSUPIC (4.966c) and WideFS. My goal with WideFS is to run some FSX steam applications (AS16, possibly PF3, and a flight planner) on my client laptop while running the sim on my server laptop. The server laptop is new and usually runs FSX with most add-ons adequately. The client laptop is running the same OS as the server (win10), and both are connected by cable to my router/modem from centurylink (C1900A). Both laptops have read/write permissions to their respective harddrives (I can move and change files on either computer from the other one). I installed and registered both FSUPIC and WideFS on my server laptop. I read the installation instructions for WideFS, and extracted the zip into D:\FSX_ADDON\WIDEFS. My steam FSX is also on the D drive. I installed WideClient.exe and WideClient.ini in a WideClient folder on my client laptop's desktop. When I start WideClient, I follow up with starting FSX but I always get the same result, "Waiting for a connection". Attached is a recent logfile for WideClient, which seems to always have this Error 10061. My first step was to create rules for the 8002/9002 ports on each firewall, creating inbound rules for my server and outbound rules for my client. No change. My next step was to disable to firewalls on the private network for server and client. No change. Suspecting that the 10061 error is a result of the firewall in the router, I then went into my router/modem settings under IPV4 and created a new rule for ports 8002 and 9002, allowing traffic in and out. No change. I then checked the workgroup, both are using the same WORKGROUP name. Then, per the instructions, I added the ServerName=DESKTOP... and Protocol=TCP to the WideClient.ini under [config] at the bottom. No change. I also tried to specify the IPaddress instead of the sever name with no change. I feel like there is something basic I haven't done, but I'm at a loss. Any help would be appreciated, and if there is any more detail you need I'm happy to provide anything I can. Thanks in advance. WideClient0.log
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