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  1. dwain

    64 bit compatibility?

    It's alright :) I didn't know the documents and now I know them too :)
  2. dwain

    64 bit compatibility?

    I think I read only the information that I needed to install and register it but I didn't know I would have the need to transfer my FSUIPC4 settings to 5, therefore I didn't know there were such information in that guide. But thank you for reminding it. :-)
  3. dwain

    64 bit compatibility?

    Ok thank you. I didn't know about the documents in that folder. I'll do it next time.
  4. dwain

    64 bit compatibility?

    Thank you. By the way, I couldn't find which file and where from to copy. Could you please help me on that?
  5. dwain

    64 bit compatibility?

    What are MCRO and LUA files? I don't know if I need them or not. The only purpose I used FSUIPC for was to configure my Joystick, rudder and throttle.
  6. dwain

    64 bit compatibility?

    Thank you. I'll copy the files as soon as I get back home and try it.
  7. dwain

    64 bit compatibility?

    Hello, I had FSUIPC4 registered for FSX. And just now, I purchased and installed the FSUIPC5 for my P3D V4. Is it possible to somehow export my FSX FSUIPC settings and import those settings to P3D FSUIPC?

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