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  1. I'll add... I looked at the 'ini' file and the JoyNames are now numbered. I'm not sure when that happened. After the update? hmmm. Thank again!
  2. Yes, I got that. I was joking. 😉 So, I just updated P3D to version 4.5 and I before doing so I had control surfaces (aileron full turn locked and no rudder), and after the update, initially, it's was still doing the same. I opened up FSUIPC in the sim and 'poof,' no more blacked out checkboxes. Hmmmmm. I ran axis and calibration again in FSUIPC and it has resolved, the surfaces and controls are working as expected. Just a fyi, the A/C I'm 'flying' right now, checking out my sim 'baselines' is my trainer, the Alabeo Tomahawk. All is good again thus far. I'll attach my 'ini' file for you to have a look at and see if you find anything amiss. Thank you very much for your assistance. Jeff FSUIPC5.ini
  3. Actually, I think you're referring to the Joystick names... LOL. The JoyNames are set 'Auto AssignLetters=No.'
  4. Hi John, Ha!... by 'Joy Letters' do you mean font? Funny, because I just installed a Christmas font a few weeks back, right about the time this started. As for the file, should I send it directly to you, or post it as a text? Jeff, aka 'beck'
  5. Hi John, Sorry for the delay getting back to you on this, but here's what I've noticed and am experiencing. The tick-box backgrounds are indeed black. When selected they stay black, but the selection works. Only, I'm not sure if the box is actually selected, as it stays black. I was considering doing an uninstall/re-install as I thought perhaps FSUIPC files had become corrupt. I'm not sure. The only thing out of the ordinary I did was bringing in the .ini file from a backup from my previous sim w/FSUIPC install. ( I installed a new SSD, did a clean install of W-10 and reloaded all my plugins in Jan.) FSUIPC is the only program this happened with. My rudder settings are 'buggy,' meaning I lost the setting in FSUIPC on the two AC I tried. This could be a USB issue though. I haven't 'flown' for a few weeks, so I'm going to fire up the sim again and assess. I'll follow-up and let you know. Thank you again for your response.
  6. What would cause the selection boxes to be blacked out (see attachment)? What happened and how does one fix this? Thank you in advance, Beck... Screen Shot
  7. Okay, I'll give that a go. Sorry about the post area. I thought I was doing it 'right.' Much appreciated! Jeff
  8. How does one remove an aircraft profile setting from FSUIPC? After restoring my ini file for FSUPIC from my backup (after a full overhaul of my pc, new drives clean W10 install, etc....), I mistakenly selected an existing aircraft (in this case Carenado's Beechcraft A36) when I wanted to start a new profile for my A2A V35B Bonanza. I've been looking around, poking my head here and there and haven't found what may be the obvious yet. Thank you in advance for your assistance. It is much appreciated. Beck 😀
  9. Hi John, Thank you very much for your reply and the tips. I am still uploading and backing up files since my 'overhaul.' I'm ready to get some flying in! Jeff
  10. I just did a complete 'overhaul' of my PC, installing a new SSD and clean fresh install of Windows, PD3v4, and related plugins. I backed up all my files prior and am reloading my vast flight sim library. With that, I 'forgot' to include FSUIPC 'directly' in the backup. But, I'm sure it did indeed get backed up in my full drive effort which included those file folders. So, can I recover my profile settings from the backup and install it into the FSUIPC5 folder and save myself the work of re-configuring all my aircraft?
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