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  1. Anyone have any ideas as to how P3D v4 differs from v3 causing Flight Keeper to record less data
  2. Hi Pete I was directing my question to a new user by the name of KDN who said he had a solution The communication was in a private message but I wanted it in the public area so others could benefit
  3. Tried this exercise of changing over the FSUIPC.ini but Flight Keeper still not recording the flight path In P3D v3 flight path is recorded but not in P3D v4 nor is the weather connected, Only the flight path actually flown KDN, can you please just describe your fix here and I will implement it myself Or if anyone else has any ideas, please feel free to contribute
  4. Flight Keeper forum is closed and the email support dried up 18 months ago Mathijs Kok from Aerosoft said he knows nothing of what happened to further development of Flight Keeper Will try your idea to see if it works -- The ini file for FSUIPC4 has a lot less lines in it than for FSUIPC5, 1k file size compared to 3k Are you sure I can lose the data out of the FSUIPC5 file without consequences
  5. This message being transferred to main forum from a private message from KDN to assist others who may have the same issue -- KDN: I managed to get flight Keeper working on my P3Dv4 system, it wasn't easy, let me you if you want me to share the fix with you KDN: Why don't you flick me your ini files, I have it fully working over here,I'll try and remember what bits I had to add. Me: I sent my FSUIPC.ini file and a list of the files in my P3D v4 modules folder KDN: I think we can get this fixed, lets have a teamviewer session, I need to see a few of the fsuipc and system logs
  6. Hi Burkhard I also wish for you to get well soon There are some incredible breakthroughs happening almost every day in biotech now Go to www.TED.com for some of them or YouTube has some very promising solutions for many ailments Until you get back on your feet fully may I suggest that you licence or pay someone to update your fantastic My Traffic for P3D v4 Thanks & good recovery
  7. flight keeper in P3D v3 worked with flight plans & recording the flight path in P3D v4 it records flight path but strangely not the flight plan anymore It also does not record the departure and arrival airport which are tied to any flight plan Is there something that might be copied over from FSUIPC 4 to 5 to enable this flight plan recording in Flight Keeper I have the registered version of both FSUIPC 4 & 5
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