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  1. CUSTOM (REAL) traffic #1 - KLAX!!! FREE to the Community!

    May I have a copy? It'd be greatly appreciated, as I spend a great deal of time on LAX.
  2. Tower!3D Pro - KJFK just became unplayable

    Where would you like the log file sent? max upload size on the forum is 20k my log file is 392k... (Yes I realize they are out until the end of the month, it's for when they get back. I'm renamed the log file to something else in the mean time so it doesn't get overwritten)
  3. Tower!3D Pro - KJFK just became unplayable

    I have the clickety issue as well. Originally it only happened at KJFK, but now also happens at LAX (D:) and SAN. The reverse pirouettes thing I see almost continuously at KSAN (specifically the default SWA gates), to the point where there are certain gates I know I have to stop the entire traffic flow for it or just wait until everyone is past, because they will gladly back up through stopped aircraft causing me a collision. (It only collides with active aircraft, not parked ones. It will also gladly clip through the terminals.) I've also had aircraft just get stuck when an A332 parked at one of the diagonal gates in LAX. even though it went inactive once parked, an SWA and DAL got stuck on taxiway D waiting for it to tuck in it's butt :P. Considering the way pathing works at the bottom of KSAN where it'll say yea I'm going around the loop (Taxiway X) and then do a 180 and go nose to nose with another plane also going around the loop, is there anyway to giver a command to turn these guys around in place? Also has anyone watching an up close takeoff notice around 50 knots or so the aircraft often just jarringly stop dead (despite their speed showing as increasing) and then just suddenly start moving again?