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  1. Hello Bert, By accident I saw this thread.... Navigraph had problems with distributing one of their Airacs last year, please search the Navigraph forum for the solution. You were not the only person with this problem. It has nothing to do with FSC. Cheers Fred
  2. Hello Volker, Sometimes it is good to take a break and have a rest for a certain period of time. I wish you all the best. Best regards Fred
  3. Hi Volker, Thanks for responding. Yes, I do have that chart and I think I got the clue. What you are saying is, if I understand you correctly, that although the SID ABUSU8N is drawn on the chart, it has to be flown 'manually' as per route description. Best regards Fred
  4. --------------------------------------- FSC General information: 1: FSX DL (SP 1+2) 2: FSUIPC4, Version 4.946 3: Network: no 4: FSC and DBM: V9.7 Build 26-July-2017 5: AIRAC Cycle: 1801 6: Aerosoft boxed version V9.0.0.2 7: OS: Win7/64 8: Monitors: 2 --------------------------------------- Hello Volker, I have a question about a popular exercise at Madeira Airport (LPMA) and maybe can you clarify this? It is the well known visual approach and landing on Rwy 05 of LPMA. To perform a complete rather short flight I have choosen for a departure from Porto Santo (LPPS) Rwy 36 not far from LPMA. The idea for the route is: LPPS ABUSU FUN LPMA where FUN till Rwy 05 is the visual approach part The visual approach and landing itself is not relevant for my question. My question is about the part of the route from LPPS Rwy 36 till ABUSU. In FSC, a SID ABUS8N is defined for LPPS Rwy 36 in the SID selection menu, but is not displayed when selected. Nevertheless in my FMC in the PMDG B737 NGX this SID is also defined and can be selected there. My question is: Why is this SID available both in FSC and also in the 737 NGX but can only be selected in the 737 NGX. I don't say that FSC is wrong, I just want to understand it. - FSC and PMDG have identical AIRAC cycles - The STAR SNT4A is available for LPMA and can be selected as such in FSC, which leads from LPPS to ABUSU Can you please explain this ? Best regards Fred
  5. Hi Ega, Maybe it has nothing to do with your problem, but today I upgraded to FSC V9.7 and ran into the same problem......could not specify my FSX path in the DB Manager. You have to double click the drive and then you can set the path to FSX. Maybe this will help you. Regards Fred
  6. Hello Volker, One final question before upgrading to 9.7 ;-) What to do with the file ..\FSC\Database\AIRAC.ini ? My AIRAC.ini file contains: AIRAC-1710 Rev.1, which is correct because last week I loaded Airac-1710. Is Airac-1710 lost after upgrading to 9.7 , so I have to load Airac-1710 again or can it be saved in some way? Best regards Fred
  7. Hello Volker, Thank you very much for this information, I really do appreciate this. This is very useful for me and now it gives me confidence in performing the upgrade to Version 9.7 Best regards, Fred
  8. Hello Volker, I am sorry, but I don't agree with you. Yes, you wrote which files should be backup'd (fsc.ini, fsccolor, etc...), but not that it is mandatory to place them back after installation. For you it is of course 100% clear which purpose each file has, but not for me and propably not for most of the FSC users. Only the map Flightplan, containing save flightplans, is clear to me what its meaning is, the other files not! Your remark: "It's always a good idea to create a backup of the current version. This is especially true for fsc.ini, fsccolor.ini and Register.fsc" . ....is for me no automatism to place back these files. Now it looks like to backup these files just in case the upgrade goes wrong for whatever reason.... Ok, I will follow your statement about upgrading to version 9.7 and will upgrade to that version, but only after exact instructions which files have to be placed back after installation of Version 9.7.....sorry. Best regards, Fred
  9. Hello Volker, Thank you for answering my previous posting. Of course I often make system backups (ghost images) of my system at regular times. --> You did not answer my question whether I must place back the backup'd .ini files after installation of the new version. For the Flightplan map it sounds logical to do so. I also found the "FlightSim Commander Update 9.7_Supplement to the Manual 9.x....." document and learned that the update is only for P3D users and usage in a network. --> I am running FSX on a single computer (not in a network) and I have no intention at all to switch to P3D. Therefore I have decided not to execute this upgrade. Best Regards, Fred
  10. Hello Volker, I am now about to perform the upgrade from V9.6 Rev 7 to V9.7, but a few more questions need to be answered first, please. 1) Is a changelog (bugfixes and/or changes) available before performing the installation ? 2) As per instruction on the homepage of FSC, a backup has to be made of the following files: a) Register.fsc (I only have the file AS_Register.fsc, but I think that's OK), b) any *.ini file (only in FSC folder or also from subfolders, e.g. Database/AIRAC.ini ?) c) and the folder Flightplan. Then uninstall old V9.x, followed by installation of the full version. And then.......put the backup'd files back again? It sounds a stupid question, anyway.....please clarify. Best Regards Fred
  11. Hello Volker, Thank you for your response. I missed the announcement for V9.7,..... my fault. Regards, Fred
  12. Hello Volker and/or other FSC users, I am new to this forum, although using FSC for a very long time. I am running FSC V9.6 Rev 7 and want to upgrade to Rev 9. Unfortunately I missed Rev 8, although I must say that the time interval between Rev 8 (April 2017) and Rev 9 (July 2017) is very short, so the chance to miss an upgrade is at hand. From the FSC website I learned that without a proper installation of Rev 8, the upgrade to Rev 9 is not possible, instead a full installation is required. This brings me to the following questions: - Is it not much simple to first perform an upgrade to Rev 8, if still available somewhere and then upgrade to Rev 9 ? - If not and I have to execute a full new installation, which seems to be available from the Aerosoft Update site, I am facing with the following versions: FSC Version 7, 9 and X. Version 7 is propably very old, but what is the difference between FSC 9 and FSC X I assume I'll need the zipfile from FSC 9 and use the registration key originally part of my DVD box bought years ago and always upgraded properly.....but I have forgotten how this process works. At least I have to backup a lot of stuff....and replace it after installation? --> I am running FSX (SP1+2), W7, FSC V9.6 Rev 7, originally boxed version ( Please advice... Regards Fred
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