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  1. Excellent. Thank you. Yes, I have all the emails with all the codes.
  2. Question: How does one go about downloading RT SP5? I went to the website and the only option I can find is to purchase the RT package again. What am I missing? This is the first time since I've purchased anything that a new SP has come out. Ken
  3. You may have to go the route I did when I added ATL - start with a clean install for the entire game and add all the pieces one at a time, starting with Tower!3D Pro, Real Traffic, Real Traffic ###, Real Color ###. Make sure to back up any changes you've made to pertinent files if necessary. Not the easiest solution, but it does work. Ken
  4. Got it to work! Thanks Craig and mc16v for your help. For anyone who runs into the same problem, here's how I overcame it: Start with a fresh install of Tower!3D Pro. This means making sure the folders where it was originally placed are deleted from your hard drive. Verify that T3DPro is working. Install Real Traffic. This one has the right path to start with, so it will end up in the right folder. Verify that RT is working. Install Real Color. The installer for this does not have the right path, so make sure the path is pointed to <YourComputer>\FeelThere\Tower!3D Pro\Exte
  5. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction guys. The installer was putting everything in the Tower!\Extensions\Airplanes\Texturepacks folder instead of the Tower!3D Pro file. Unfortunately, now the game hangs at 27% on loading. I guess this means the files went to the right spot - now it just doesn't know what to do with them. Any suggestions? Ken
  6. Hello everyone, I am new to the Tower 3D Pro world and so far, I absolutely love the sim. However, I cannot get the Real Color add-on to work (TIST, KLAX, KPHL bundle). I have spent a few hours looking through the forum for help, but mostly what I find is related to installations done with Steam, which mine is not. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game several times with no change to the RC problem. The sounds are fine, but I'm getting tired of looking at white tails. I've also installed everything in the order suggested (T3DPro, RT, RC), started the game in Admin mode (the only way t
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