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  1. I did post in prosim forum as well, no one has replicated yet. I’ll also post in Simavionics forum as well as I’m still evaluating prosim, so if it doesn’t work and simavionics is the way to go, that might be ok (although Prosim seems easier to use from first impression) thank you very much for your help, much appreciated!
  2. I believe this is the correct out of box simavionics mode I was talking about, how can we do this in prosim? THRUST_REF_MODE=53E4
  3. Thanks Pete. I tested triggering a 5350 from interfaceit by assigning it to a random button, and appears that it shows up in fsuipc, thus moving my motorized throttle. So software is working as expected. Since assigning offset to a random button is not what I intend to do, want to ask if you or anyone know how prosim can generate an offset based on certain conditions (see example of conditions for a different brand fsc offset which I believe is for project magenta on page 13 in link below). My understanding is that “commandedthrottle” is an out of box variable available in Simavionics - is there such variable I can use in prosim? link as example for fsc:
  4. Hi, I’ll try to be brief here. I got a revsim motorized TQ, which was modified with arduino board and a special Windows C program was written to drive motors and buttons. It was originally used in conjunction with simavionics. Now I want to use it with Prosim. The custom software uses multiple fsuipc offsets (like throttle lever engine 1/2 and some other default offsets) to read and write to the fsuipc offset. It is working when manually moving throttle quadrant as I programmed those engine offsets in prosim as well. software also uses a custom offset called “commandedthrottleref” looking for offset number 5350, which my understanding was set up in simavionics to provide if everything is set up properly for autothrottle to work , so simA would provide I guess a “1” value for 5350, and then custom software would read that “1” from 5350 and drive DC motors, etc. how can I create this custom offset 5350 in prosim or can I write a if/then logic in fsuipc (if mcp at is armed, if speed is pressed, etc then set 1 to 5350?). the program came as is with throttle, I’m not a programmer so can’t rewrite or compile the custom windows software, so would like to use same offset numbers already defined in it. Any help or insights will be appreciated.
  5. Hello, Did this every get implemented? Thanks
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