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  1. Thanks again, will check couple other things and let you all know when i found the difference. (-:
  2. Thanks Vic, Reinstall a computer without having a proper root cause analysis is always a bad idea. Seems trial and error by msft. When a car has a problem, you also not replace a complete engine. With that said I have looked into it and other programs don't have that problem on the same windows instance. I will test couple other things and let you know if i find something. By the way, did you found something in the log that i have added?
  3. Yep, i use now as workaround my arrow keys to quickly set the sound (-;
  4. No running on desktop with Windows Ultimate and GeForce GTX 750 Ti card.
  5. Hi, Great program and good to play! Just some feedback/question what i discovered with the install. As I know that the program requires 64 bit it doesn't check this on forehand, only with starting the program. Install within windows 7 or windows 10, the installer doesn't create start item, only a "remove program" option. For Starting program you have to go to the install folder As it requires a 64 bit OS, why is the install of the software of FeelThere being placed in the 32 bit install folder of windows (Program Files (x86))? My2cts...
  6. Hi, My sliders are moving back when i try to set them. Running SP2 T!3D and Windows 7 Ultimate. Files atteched. Thanks. Also included game.log game.log
  7. Hi Joe, Great and thanks. I can share my spreadsheet of commands to which is printable if you like! The overview of callsigns are really great!
  8. Great overview and very helpful! (Can you also make a version without the black background for printing?) Thanks again!
  9. Great Mike, I have posted a topic about an install of add-on in the wrong directory by default. When i corrected it, it worked right away. ;-) Andre
  10. Hi All, When you have installed Tower!3D and install the add-on Real Color KLAX with default, it installs in the wrong directory resulting in a non working Add-on of KLAX The Add-on installs default in "..\Program Files (x86)\Tower 3D\Extensions" folder in windows 7. This is wrong as the default directory of Tower!3D Pro is "..\Program Files (x86)\Tower!3D Pro" So when installing CHANGE the install directory to "..\Program Files (x86)\Tower!3D Pro" in order to have the add-on properly working. This creates the Extensions directory in the right place. Have fun controlling Andre
  11. Hi All, Had problems to but after the following settings and actions it works perfectly on Windows 7 Ultimate: 1. Enable Speech Recognition (English US) on Windows via Control > Ease of Access > Start Speech recognition 2. Start Windows Speech Recognition BUT set it as "Off: Do not listen to anything I say" but LEAVE IT RUNNING (via Control > Ease of Access > Start Speech recognition) 3. Start Tower3D Pro as Administrator (!) by right mouse click and choose "Run as Administrator" One other Tip! In FULL SCREEN MODE you can't move the windows to a second monitor. This is only possible when you unselect the Fullscreen tick box in settings Happy controlling!
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