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  1. Think I may have found a bug too for 09's. Using 09R for departures I'm unable to tell aircraft to use N10/Y1 no matter what the aircraft type I get Negative back from the aircraft.
  2. Yeah always find it’s the smallest of things that’ll throw it off like missing a comma or having 717 as 712 so it doesn’t recognise the aircraft type.
  3. One of the entries had : rather than a comma. Thought it may have been something like that but just couldn’t find it anywhere.
  4. Thankyou I found the issue that was in the error log. I can regain some of my sanity back!
  5. Good day everyone I hope everyone's well. I'm having issues loading up a schedule I'm currently making for KLAX from 2014. If I set the game to start at midnight it'll load in just fine with the aircraft that should be there at that time but if I select any other time it gets stuck on 99%. Any idea how I create a log report and what I should be looking for to see whats causing the issue? Or if anyone could help and have a look too that would be great. Its driving me up the wall! Thanks
  6. Real traffic schedule taken from Tuesday 20th October using Flight Aware for the movements. There are some really quiet periods during the day so be sure to check out the hourly traffic text document and movement chart supplied if you want to avoid those. From what I've tested I've found no white aircraft as yet but if anyone finds any let me know I will see if it can be sorted my side. Any feedback positive/constructive will be appreciated :). KEWR - Champs8507 - Autumn - 2020.zip
  7. Well finally after many attempts of making custom schedules I've managed to make one that actually works! Atlanta is still really busy and it can be quite tasking to make sure you don't forget an aircraft sometimes, but there are more quiet periods than usual. Should be a bit more playable for those playing alone who found a normal day overwhelming (me!). The days schedule can be played throughout the whole day though some aircraft may not show due to limited gate space, however, hour files have been included in 3 hour blocks for those who do want it busy! Most Real Color's will be
  8. @pete_agreatguy not yet hoping to get it working first before releasing it was having issues. I'll be sure to let you know when/if I do finish :).
  9. Many thanks everyone for all of your input's it will definitely help me find out what is missing or what I have done wrong. Hopefully will overcome them in the not too distant future when work permits.
  10. Right thankyou I will have a good sort out of it see what I can do when I have the time. Thanks for your help :)
  11. Right so it loads in, but either the game starts at 01:50 (I selected 9am) or it'll go to 08:50 but the sky will be flashing black and blue...
  12. Yes that would've been it many thanks I will go through and let you know what the outcome is.
  13. Any idea what I should be looking for on the game.log? It did as you said create a fresh one. Been through it can't see anything that majorly jumps out as a red flag.
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