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  1. Ok! Thank you for the tip EliGrim! I will consider all this! Happy controlling!
  2. Hey crbascott, thank you for all that information. It confirmed what I thought lately.. However, I planned on buying RT anyways, so that shoudn't be a problem. And I cannot thank you enough for sharing the link to the list... I searched for such a list for so long.. Really appreciate it! I originally have downloaded this files anywhere here on the flightsim forum, but the list makes it all easier. Another question: RT does not include liveries or did I get that wrong? If I decide to buy an additional airport, I have to buy the liveries ontop for each? For example if I buy EDDM I have got all the the airlines, but not the liveries until I bought Real Color for EDDM? I'm sure you know that! 🙂 Looking forward to play this game with real airlines finally! Again, thank you, Lessi
  3. Hey there, I just started again with Tower!3D Pro and intended to change my files (like the schedules) but everytime I start Tower!3D it stops at 63%. When I delete my Extensions folder it all works well though. I do not know what I do wrong. I have reinstalled Tower!3D for 5 times now and it still don't work. I don't have any addons. For some reason it doesn't even create a log file. I will attach my Extensions/Airfields/KLAX folder using MEGA. Below are my specs and some informations which might help. Does anyone know what the problem is and how to solve it? I've got no more ideas.. I've been working for 4h now on a solution, but it hasn't worked out as you can see... Hope you can help me, Lessi OS: Windows 10 Pro 1803 17134.706 CPU: Intel Core i5-8600K RAM: 16GB GPU: GTX1070 Tower!3D Pro v1.2.78.1044ns SP3.3c No Addons Extensions/Airfields/KLAX folder (link to MEGA): https://mega.nz/#F!Tc0U2KLD!GMv6ZHAv91GnoOT8_uQAjw
  4. Hello Community, I decided to buy Tower!3D Pro, but I have a few questions: If I buy Tower!3D Pro without a CD, will I get a download link to my email or a direct download on the purchase site or anything else? If I get a new PC in a half year, will I be able to transfer the game from my old PC to my new one, if I had buyed the game without CD before? Would I be able to transfer the game to my new PC, if I had buyed Tower!3D Pro with CD instead? Hope you have experience with that and you can help me. Hope you at least have understood me, due to I'm a german. Greetings from Germany, Lessi_lex
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