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  1. I got it. Thank you very much Thomas Richter for your help and time
  2. Thanks Thomas Richter for your response. I read PMDG SDK ".h" file but did not find any numeric parameter that sets position of a switch, could you guide me further?
  3. Hello Paul, I'm using below code to on/off flight director switch in PMDG Aircraft. it's working in reverse order when i send parameter 1 it turns off to FD and 0 turns on, is it normal? or im using it wrong way? FSUIPCConnection.SendControlToFS(PMDGEvent.EVT_MCP_FD_SWITCH_L, 1);
  4. Oh!....I was understanding that it will be declared as an array....Now I understood :) Under of thanks Paul for your help and time.
  5. Thank you very much Paul...it's working...Now I'm initializing offsets like below, and grouped offsets. private static Offset<float> _AIR_SPEED; internal static void InitOffsets() { _AIR_SPEED = new Offset<float>("PMDG", 0x6524); } also i have question how do i declare left and right Backcourse for reading? below is the list of PMDG offsets mapping from pdf. but declaration not mentioned. could guide me. thanks 6520 4 WORD x 2 MCP_Course[2]
  6. Hello Paul, I'm receiving the error, "Communication With FSUIPC Faild Group ' ' does not exist.", when FSUIPCConnection.Process is called. when i declare offset into PMDG737MCP then program runs well. how do i resolve that issue? Here is the code below. class PMDGOffset { private static Offset<float> _AIR_SPEED = new Offset<float>(0x6524); public static float AIR_SPEED { get { return _AIR_SPEED.Value; } set { FSUIPCConnection.SendControlToFS(PMDGEvent.EVT_MCP_IAS_SET, (int)value); } } } class PMDG737MCP { public static void Update() { FSUIPCConnection.Process(); txt.Text = PMDGOffset.HEADING.ToString(); } }
  7. Hello Pete, I hope you will be gud...that problem was solved, and thank you very much. you guys awesome.
  8. Thanks Pete I did not know about that problem. thanks. Yes, I armed A/T First then enable Speed Hold. No, could tell me? is there a solution for that problem?
  9. Thanks Pete for your response. I enabled logging..now i'm receiving *** EVENT: Cntrl= 65860 (0x00010144), Param= 0 (0x00000000) AUTO_THROTTLE_ARM *** EVENT: Cntrl= 65891 (0x00010163), Param= 1 (0x00000001) AP_PANEL_SPEED_HOLD *** EVENT: Cntrl= 65918 (0x0001017e), Param= 0 (0x00000000) AP_MACH_HOLD as you can see in logged, first i turn on AUTO_THROTTLE_ARM, in 2nd line i press speed hold switch AP_PANEL_SPEED_HOLD, in 3rd i press C/O button. All I did in virtual cockpit by mouse. or without joystick. also C/O button working fine it's changing airspeed display value into decimal point. when i assign AP_MACH_HOLD to a joystick's button it does not change airspeed values into decimal point. I don't know why? I'm not using PMDG add-on. Thanks.
  10. Thanks aua668 for your response. it's a fsx aircraft, not pmdg.
  11. Hello Pete, How do i program C/O or IAS Mach Button with joystick...I did not find any offest or option in fsuipc to program that button....could you hep me how do i program?
  12. Hello Pete, Is this dual concentric rotary switch? could you attach that rotary pic?
  13. Thanks a lot Pete for your time and help. I'm glad now my rotaries and buttons are working gud. thanks again.
  14. Thanks Pete for guidance. now buttons are working fine I changed while loop limit to 4 in HIDemo.lua as you said. could you tell me? which parameter should i change in ini file? Ok. it means i need push button rotary that will change incremental value. will rotary encoder also miss some click? thanks Pete I liked this one its working. what would you recommend for trim wheel, rotary switch or multi turn pot?
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