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  1. E-Jets V2 steep ils approaches

    Thanks. I've always grabbed control as soon as it went high. And even then it's tricky getting back on glideslope, slowing down and then not breaking the landing gear or ending up in the Thames! I've also found RNAV approaches could do with better documentation. The aircraft always seems to end up much too low in my experience!
  2. E-Jets V2 steep ils approaches

    So, to clarify, by "will not work" do you mean that it can't follow the 5.5° glideslope?
  3. E-Jets V2 steep ils approaches

    I'm having some issues with the E195 trying to fly a steep ILS approach. Specifically, the approach into London City Airport (LCY/EGLC). It has a 5.5° glideslope. The aircraft won't follow it correctly. It captures the localizer just fine, but always starts decending far too slowly when it intercepts the glideslope, resulting in the aircraft quickly being far too high. Is there something I need to do to tell the aircraft it's a steep approach, or is it just a foible of FSX that the AP can't follow anything except the standard 3° glideslope?
  4. Embraer 175/195 Ejets V2 - weather radar issues

    I see. Thats a shame! You'd think they'd make sure it worked 100% if they're advertising it as a feature!
  5. Embraer 175/195 Ejets V2 - weather radar issues

    Anybody?? I've since completely removed and reinstalled the Ejets, still the same. It's very frustrating, please help!
  6. E-Jets V2 Glide Slope Problem

    So, to clarify, what you're saying is that the autopilot isn't correctly following the glideslope?
  7. Embraer 175/195 Ejets V2 - weather radar issues

    I know this has been asked before, but i've been through everything I've found on this forum and others to no avail! I'm using Win7 Ultimate and FSX:SE. I have the full version of the EJets V2 purchased from Just Flight (not the neutered steam DLC version). I have the latest version of FSUIPC for FSX installed, although it is unregistered. The weather radar just doesn't work. I've made sure it's enabled in the config tool. MFD is set to Map mode. Weather scheme is set to 'Stormy Weather', so there should definitely be something for it to pick up! I've tried turning it on in both the 2D cockpit first and the VC. Nothing. Not even the test pattern! I've checked my FSX.cfg and the gauge is definitely listed in the Trusted section. Any ideas anyone? As far as I can see, it should be working!
  8. Embraer 175/195 Ejets V2 - how do I get 100% n1 thrust for takeoff?

    Thats the technique I used, and without reverse thrust I couldn't stop in time. Although the sim doesn't model ground friction properly, and you start to move slowly a couple of seconds before you reach maximum thrust even with the brakes on. Which doesn't help!
  9. Embraer 175/195 Ejets V2 - how do I get 100% n1 thrust for takeoff?

    Wow! Thats very interesting, thanks! My own investigation of the aircraft in sim reveals the TO-1 setting shows as 17000 lbs thrust (annotated on the MCDU as 17K0). I set the aircraft up for a real world flight, London City to Dublin. This gave a ZFW of 36164 kg and a GW of 40192. So slightly above what you've got in your calculations. Maybe I'm a little generous with the reserve fuel, as this only represents 50 pax and 30% cargo in the load manager! Flaps 4, V1 was 113, VR 116 and V2 122. OAT 15C, QNH 1013. I adjusted the takeoff temp in the MCDU to 30C. This allows 95.1% N1. On RWY 09, rejecting takeoff immediately before V1 and applying full reverse thrust allowed me to stop with maybe 15m to spare. The same relying solely on the brakes saw me take a dip in the thames! I didn't have time to test RWY 27 tonight. Think I need to lower my takeoff weights - hand luggage only, people! And no fatties!
  10. Embraer 175/195 Ejets V2 - how do I get 100% n1 thrust for takeoff?

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. I am aware of the sort of factors that affect engine thrust, and that the MCDU function is not 100% correctly modelled. The reason I want 100% N1 or as close to as possible is because of how short the runway at London City really is! And the air temperature is currently around 18C there, so I should be able to get close to 100%, as AFAIK maximum thrust is calculated at 15C and ought to equal 100% N1 at that point. At the moment, using Flaps 4 I can takeoff pretty smartly, but I'm still not sure V1 comes soon enough to stop in time. This is particularly unappealing when taking off on runway 09 which is bordered by the river thames. (I suppose I ought to test it really!) I will do some more fiddling with settings and see what I come up with!
  11. Embraer 175/195 Ejets V2 - how do I get 100% n1 thrust for takeoff?

    Bump... So can anyone tell me how I can get maximum thrust from the engines? There's got to be a way!
  12. Hi all! Recently purchased the Ejets V2 through steam. Loving them so far, except for one thing... I like to do real-world flights as much as possible. My latest one i'm enjoying is London City airport to Dublin (EGLC to EIDW). EGLC has a VERY short runway, and requires steep climbout after takeoff (at one end is water and the other high buildings). Because of this I want to be using maximum takeoff thrust - 100% N1. No matter what I do, I CANNOT get the aircraft to give me 100% N1. Even with the autothrottle off the it still limits me to the T/O setting in the MCDU! I even tried fiddling with the FLEX settings to increase it, but the most I can get is 95.1% N1. Can anyone tell me how I get the aircraft to allow me to get the 100% takeoff thrust I really need at this airport?