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  1. Paul, thank you for your excellent advice, it worked! Here is the code for the range switch, 43=P2,0,Cx110066C0,x00050001 44=B66C0=1 U2,0,CM6:1,20 45=B66C0=2 U2,0,CM7:1,40 46=B66C0=3 U2,0,CM8:1,80 47=B66C0=4 U2,0,CM9:1,160 48=B66C0=5 U2,0,CM10:1,320 49=P2,1,Cx210066C0,x00040001 50=B66C0=0 U2,1,CM5:1,10 51=B66C0=1 U2,1,CM6:1,20 52=B66C0=2 U2,1,CM7:1,40 53=B66C0=3 U2,1,CM8:1,80 54=B66C0=4 U2,1,CM9:1,160 Regarding the macro files, each one contains the following Lvar definition [Macros] 1=L:isg_nd_range_clicked=Set I created a mcro file for each range step and assigned the parameter through the FSUIPC menu. I see how it is more practical to define each range in a single macro file and will do that soon. I hope this helps others and thank you again for your support. Regards, Alan
  2. Dear Pete, as requested these are the actual lines from my INI file, i also include the macros section for reference, if anything else let me know. 43=P2,0,Cx310066C0,x00050001 44=B66C0=0 P2,0,CM5:1,10 45=B66C0=1 P2,0,CM6:1,20 46=B66C0=2 P2,0,CM7:1,40 47=B66C0=3 P2,0,CM8:1,80 48=B66C0=4 P2,0,CM9:1,160 49=B66C0=5 P2,0,CM10:1,320 50=P2,1,Cx410066C0,x00050001 51=B66C0=0 P2,1,CM5:1,10 52=B66C0=1 P2,1,CM5:1,10 53=B66C0=2 P2,1,CM6:1,20 54=B66C0=3 P2,1,CM7:1,40 55=B66C0=4 P2,1,CM8:1,80 56=B66C0=5 P2,1,CM9:1,160 [MacroFiles] 1=isg_nd_mode 2=isg_nd_tcas 3=isg_nd_vnav 4=isg_nd_nav 5=isg_nd_rng010 6=isg_nd_rng020 7=isg_nd_rng040 8=isg_nd_rng080 9=isg_nd_rng160 10=isg_nd_rng320
  3. Dear Pete, I have looked everywhere and tried everything with no luck. I have programmed a joystick button (2,0) as a 6 position switch using offset 66C0 to increment the range of a 3rd party HSI between 10,20,40,80,160 and 320 miles. I have identified the range Lvar and its corresponding parameters with which i have created the Macros files (CM) for each position. The current setup to INCREASE the range is as follows and works, 40=P2,0,Cx310066C0,x00050001 41=B66C0=0 P2,0,CM5:1,10 (starting point) 42=B66C0=1 P2,0,CM6:1,20 43=B66C0=2 P2,0,CM7:1,40 44=B66C0=3 P2,0,CM8:1,80 45=B66C0=4 P2,0,CM9:1,160 46=B66C0=5 P2,0,CM10:1,320 I have tried programming joystick button (2,1) also using offset 66C0 to DECREASE the range depending on the current offset value from joystick button (2,0) with no success, can you please lead me in the right direction on how the decrement code should be or look like. I imagine joystick buttons (2,0) and (2,1) need to be dependent of each other an if so do i need to use different offsets for each one? I have used the preselection concept and came up with the following but is not working. Please note the switch is not cyclic, it only travels between 0 and 5. Another point to note is the behavior of the Lvar, its value (parameter) changes accordingly but goes to zero immediately after nonetheless the range in the HSI gauge stays where it should. I just point put the latter since the Lvar behavior caught my attention and it may or may not be relevant to my query. The comments on brackets are not part of .INI file, I just included them to illustrate the reasoning. 47=P2,1,Cx410066C0,x00050001 48=B66C0=0 P2,1,CM5:1,10 (cannot go further down) 49=B66C0=1 P2,1,CM5:1,10 50=B66C0=2 P2,1,CM6:1,20 51=B66C0=3 P2,1,CM7:1,40 52=B66C0=4 P2,1,CM8:1,80 53=B66C0=5 P2,1,CM9:1,160 Regards, Alan
  4. Pete, The Level-D 767 for FS2004 has three independent radios, NAV1, NAV2 and ILS each with its own course selector. The first two radios ONLY tunes VOR frequencies and the third only tunes ILS frequencies so course selection is also independent, hence you have separate VOR and ILS dials on the HSI. I agree that in many aircraft VOR and ILS frequencies can be tune in the same radio but it is not the case for this aircraft simulation. I am aware the gauges for the NAV1 and ILS radios have an .gau extension so the VOR1_OBI_INC and VOR1_OBI_DEC are already coded in the latter. In short, my goal is to create two button commands through FSUIPC to increase os decrease the course on the NAV1 radio, can it be done given the information i have provided in the thread of discussion?
  5. Dear Pete, Thanks for the support, present you the brief log of the mouse clicks that i am trying to assign to my joystick buttons through FSUIPC to control CAPTAIN SIDE VOR COURSE SELECTOR. I am not an advanced programmer and do not understand the syntax of the log regarding the mouse clicks but having identified how FSUIPC sees them when selecting the NAV1 COURSE is it posible to somehow assign a button command to INCREASE COURSE and another button command to DECREASE COURSE for the Level-D 767? Please note that when assigning VOR1_OBI_INC and VOR1_OBI_DEC the ILS COURSE is always controlled regardless if an ILS frequency is tuned. ********* FSUIPC, Version 3.999z8 by Pete Dowson ********* Running inside FS2004 (FS9.1 CONTROLS.DLL, FS9.1 WEATHER.DLL) User Name= User Addr= FSUIPC Key is provided WIDEFS not user registered, or expired[Continuation log requested by user] Module base=070C0000 WeatherReadInterval=4 LogOptions=00000001 104239 System time = 17/08/2017 18:28:20, FS2004 time = 12:47:54 (17:47Z) 104239 WeatherOptions set, now 609437A9 (timer=0) 122679 KEYDOWN: VK=18, Waiting=0, Repeat=N, Shifts=4 122679 .. Key not programmed -- passed on to FS 122757 KEYUP: VK=18, Waiting=0 158543 System time = 17/08/2017 18:29:14, FS2004 time = 12:49:08 (17:49Z) 158543 *** FSUIPC log file being closed Memory managed: 0 Allocs, 1644 Freed ********* FSUIPC Log file closed ***********
  6. Using FSUIPC registered version 3.999z9 with FS9 and need help with the button control assignments for the CAPTAIN SIDE VOR COURSE/OBS selector of the Level-D 767. In trying so by assigning VOR1_OBI_INC and VOR1_OBI_DEC to the corresponding joystick buttons i found these actually control the ILS COURSE in the CENTER PEDESTAL. I have tried using other assignments but have failed to find the right controls from the list. The COURSE/OBS is only controlled by mouse clicks and is not even mentioned in the custom controls list in the Level-D Menu therefore there is no key assignment for it. Can you please advice how to reassign the ILS COURSE control to the CAPTAIN SIDE VOR COURSE/OBS or how to identify the FSUIPC control that can accomplish it.
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