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  1. VenturaGuy101

    Canadian Airport

    I was thinking Victoria International as it is the other controlled airport on the west coat but a tad too small for the game.
  2. VenturaGuy101

    Tower 3d Pro - Blue Streak Livery

    Currently it appears KLGA is the only one that contains these liveries JIA|OH: {BLUE STREAK} PSA Airlines, United States CRJ2: CANADAIR REGIONAL JET 200, REGIONAL JET [KLGA] CRJ9: CANADAIR REGIONAL JET 900, REGIONAL JET [KLGA]
  3. VenturaGuy101

    KPHL airport due some (brotherly) love (please?)

    You could do a closed beta where you choose some of the more active and helpful members of this community to test rather than an open Early Access.
  4. VenturaGuy101

    KBOS - Unable to use some runways

    In all honesty, certain runways should not be available on pushback. Runway 32 is not used for takeoffs since some planes may not clear the hotel at the runway, 15L/33R is really too short for anything other than a Cessna. In real life these runways are not used for takeoffs and runway 14 is not used for landings due to the hotel. Runways 15L/33R is very very seldom used for any landings and if used it is for Cessnas and small jets. This runways is most often used as a taxiway which we cannot use in the current version of Tower. The question for @FeelThere is there a better way to handle airports with a large number or runways but not enough room to display them?
  5. VenturaGuy101

    KPHX Phoenix SP Update please?

    Thanks Gabor, much appreciated.
  6. VenturaGuy101

    Tower 3d Pro, readback problem after update

    By default, the sim does not allow taxi instructions on pushback. You can add the following commands to the tower3d.rec file: #airplane1; PUSHBACK APPROVED EXPECT RUNWAY ;#runway1; TAXI VIA ;#taxiway1;#taxiway2;#taxiway3;#taxiway4;#taxiway5;#taxiway6 #airplane1; PUSHBACK APPROVED EXPECT RUNWAY ;#runway1; VIA ;#taxiway1;#taxiway2;#taxiway3;#taxiway4;#taxiway5;#taxiway6 #airplane1; PUSHBACK APPROVED EXPECT RUNWAY ;#runway1; AT ;#taxiway1; VIA ;#taxiway2;#taxiway3;#taxiway4;#taxiway5;#taxiway6 Once again these are not officially supported but I have not had any issues using them.
  7. VenturaGuy101

    LAX Cargo

    Don't forget we are also missing the American regional terminal just north of taxiway C5 and the pads on the west end of the airport where they park the international flights overflow near taxiway AA. Also if the GA area is used for flights in the schedule.txt file then the GA local traffic file will be ignored. There are also the missing taxiways since the version in the game is so old.
  8. VenturaGuy101


    Craig if you got a dollar for all of the "I wish" statements, you could start your own ATC Simulator company.
  9. VenturaGuy101

    Custom (REAL) Traffic #9 -- KMCO v1.0 -- FREE to the Community!

    Sorry late night. I missed your edit comments
  10. VenturaGuy101

    Custom (REAL) Traffic #9 -- KMCO v1.0 -- FREE to the Community!

    Joe, Take a look at the kmco_airlines.txt file as there are duplicated airlines for IATA 3M. @winsaudi reported it and I added a bug report but since you have your own traffic files, you might want to include a fixed version so Silver Airways is called correctly.
  11. VenturaGuy101

    KMCO Real Traffic Bug @NyergesDesign

    Gabbor, @winsaudi found this bug while I was listing the new liveries in KMCO. There is a bug in the kmco_airlines.txt file. You have 2 different airlines with the same 3M IATA code. GFT, 3M, GULF FLIGHT, Gulfstream International Airlines, United States <- This line should be deleted. SIL, 3M, SILVER WINGS, Silver Airways, United States The line with GFT Gulf Flight needs to be deleted. Currently the :Silver Wings" flights are coming across as "Gulf Flight" Work around for the community: Delete the GFT line. Also if you get a chance, could you also fix Air Transport as it is missing the airline name field. There should be five parameters separated by commas. Air Transport only has 4. ATN, 8C, AIR TRANSPORT, United States <- Missing "Air Transport" airline name that should go between Call sign and County. ATN, 8C, AIR TRANSPORT, Air Transport, United States
  12. VenturaGuy101

    New Liveries with KMCO

    @ Winsaudi, Confirmed. There are 2 airlines with 3M code in the kmco_airlines.txt that are part of Real Traffic. I will start a bug report thread. I don't think it was hijacked.
  13. VenturaGuy101

    New Liveries with KMCO

    With KMCO now out and with it being a mid-major international airport, the question will come up with what new liveries do I get if I download Real Color KMCO since there are already so many US airports available. Well here are the exclusive liveries in RC for KMCO: AAL|AA: {AMERICAN} American Airlines, United States B38M: BOEING 737-800 MAX, NARROW BODY JET [KMCO] ASA|AS: {ALASKA} Alaska Airlines, United States A320: AIRBUS INDUSTRIE A320, NARROW BODY JET [KMCO] A321: AIRBUS INDUSTRIE A321, NARROW BODY JET [KMCO] BAW|BA: {SPEED BIRD} British Airways, United Kingdom B77L: BOEING 777-200LR, WIDE BODY JET [KMCO] LPE|LP: {LAN PERU} LAN Peru, Peru A319: AIRBUS INDUSTRIE A319, NARROW BODY JET [KMCO] A320: AIRBUS INDUSTRIE A320, NARROW BODY JET [KMCO] SWQ|WQ: {SWIFT FLIGHT} Swift Air, United States B734: BOEING 737-400, NARROW BODY JET [KMCO] AZU|AD: {Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras} Azul Airlines, Brazil A332: AIRBUS INDUSTRIE A330-200, WIDE BODY JET [KMCO] MTN|C2: {MOUNTAIN} Mountain Air Cargo, United States C182: CESSNA 182, PROP [KMCO] SWG|WG: {SUNWING} Sunwing Airlines, Canada B738: BOEING 737-800, NARROW BODY JET [KMCO] TSC|TS: {AIR TRANSAT} Air Transat, Canada B738: BOEING 737-800, NARROW BODY JET [KMCO] SIL|3M: {SILVER WINGS} Silver Airways, United States SF34: SAAB 340, TURBOPROP [KMCO] BHS|UP: {BAHAMAS} Bahamasair, Bahamas B735: BOEING 737-500, NARROW BODY JET [KMCO]
  14. VenturaGuy101

    Custom (REAL) Traffic #8 -- KJFK v1.0 -- FREE to the Community!

    I was trying to say that you would need other Airport Real Colors to get some of the liveries. To get the B789 Norwegian you need the Real Colors for KBOS. Just keep in mind that air schedules are always in flux and change often. For example over the last few months we have seen the end of "Redwood" as Virgin America is now Alaska. The liveries will be going away over the next few months. Air Berlin has folded but is still in some of the Real Traffic schedules. Condor is currently expanding and now has flights at several released airports KLAS, and KPHX but the only liveries we have is from KATL and EDDM packs. Condor's sister airline Thomas Cook flies out out KATL instead of Condor. Thomas Cook is also flying out of KLAS, KLAX, KJFK, KMIA, KMCO, KSFO, and KBOS. The only livery we have is A332 in the KATL and KJFK Real Colors packs. CFG|DE: {CONDOR} Condor Flugdienst, Germany A320: AIRBUS INDUSTRIE A320, NARROW BODY JET [EDDM] B752: BOEING 757-200, NARROW BODY JET [EDDM] B763: BOEING 767-300, WIDE BODY JET [KATL, EDDM] TCX|MT: {KESTREL} Thomas Cook Airlines, United Kingdom A332: AIRBUS INDUSTRIE A330-200, WIDE BODY JET [KJFK, KATL] The point being the liveries is a moving target and new liveries are available with each new airport Real Colors release. Myself along with several others prefer updated schedules with as many airlines and planes that are currently being used in the schedule than trying to find liveries for every white plane. Some of the custom schedules include airlines which we don't have any liveries at all. What do we do with those flights? For example Empire Airlines (CFS | EM) flies out of Phoenix but we have no livery for this airline in any Real Colors. It is included if Joe's schedule but will remain while until some livery is released in a future Real Colors pack. I would rather have this airline in the schedule instead of deleting it just because no livery is available. We might get more liveries for Thomas Cook in the upcoming KMCO and KMIA airports when they are released. We will also be getting another European airport from Feel There so maybe we might see some of the missing liveries. As you will go through the schedule and change some of the flights, I hope you realize the amount of work it takes to put one of these schedules together. I really appreciate the work that Joe, Craig, and others have contributed to expanding the simulation by adding real life schedules that are more complex than the ones from Real Traffic.
  15. VenturaGuy101

    Custom (REAL) Traffic #8 -- KJFK v1.0 -- FREE to the Community!

    What Joe is saying is it has to be a one-to-one match 332 is not the same as 330. Nyerges Designes is responsible for all Real Color liveries. Currently community liveries are not possible so if Nyerges has not done them the planes will be white.Some plane liveries may be available in other Real Color packs even though the schedule is for KJFK or any of the other community schedules. Nyerges has on the past missed a livery or two but they usually fix the ones missing in their Real Traffic schedule. The community schedules on the other hand are more comprehensive and have additional airlines and planes that are not found in the Real Traffic thus the liveries for these flight are missing. Hopefully Nyerges will eventually add the missing liveries as new airports are added and additional Real Color packs are released. Here are the list of available liveries for each airline you were asking. The ICAO code in brackets is the Real Color texture pack needed for that livery TAE|EQ: {TAME} TAME Linea Aerea del Equa, Ecuador A330: AIRBUS INDUSTRIE A330, WIDE BODY JET [KJFK] MSR|MS: {EGYPT AIR} Egyptair, Egypt B738: BOEING 737-800, NARROW BODY JET [EDDM] B773: BOEING 777-300, WIDE BODY JET [KJFK] ARG|AR: {ARGENTINA} Aerolineas Argentinas, Argentina A332: AIRBUS INDUSTRIE A330-200, WIDE BODY JET [KJFK] NAX|DY: {NOR SHUTTLE} Norwegian Air Shuttle, Norway B738: BOEING 737-800, NARROW BODY JET [EDDM] B77L: BOEING 777-200LR, WIDE BODY JET [KLAX] B788: BOEING 787, WIDE BODY JET [KLAX, KJFK] B789: BOEING 789, WIDE BODY JET [KBOS] So to get all of Norwegian you need Real Color for Boston and JFK. The B778 is also available in the San Francisco pack along with the B77L.

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