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  1. I think this is a great idea. I know in the past getting the information for cargo specific or contract carrier can be difficult but I think it gives the most flexibility for creating schedules going forward and that information can be added as it becomes available. It would be appreciated if you could give some specific examples of terminal and schedules for some of the multiple livery companies or for example commuter terminal vs the larger terminal and how those would be separated. I do hope you are also adding a way to switch between official and custom schedules without having to copy and replace files is also in the works.
  2. Craig, Looks like someone else is inundated other than the airport. 😄 Hope all is going well considering the world situation. I am with you that I really want to see the changes in features other than the better textures. Especially the features that increase the simulation quality. Take care.
  3. @FeelThere Vic so far the visuals are looking really great. I am hoping that you will be able to showcase some of the new and improved "game-play" features soon(TM). Are there user selectable options for the new weather that you are showing? Will there be options for selecting the FeelThere airline schedule vs Real Schedule without having to install and uninstall Real Schedule? Thanks for sharing.
  4. I think this is a really great idea. Although I think this is something that should be in the next version as the current version only allow one and only one schedule at a time. Every time REal Traffic updates it overwrites all existing schedules. This will be a great feature once multiple schedules and liveries are implemented in a way to better support retro schedules/liveries.
  5. Most of the time it is an install path issue. You have to make sure that the addon is installed to the correct Tower!3D or Tower!3D Pro folder. If you have the Stream version of Tower!3D and get Real Traffic/Real Color Addons, you must select the correct option on the RT/RC addons installer. Additionally the RT/RC addons use the default Steam install path (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam) if you use a different steam path then you need to make sure you enter the correct path. For me that is E:\Games\Steam\steamapps\Common\Tower 3D Pro.
  6. I would like a couple of additional suggestions: Add a selector for the different controller positions available for the selected airport. Airports like TIST would have one. KLAX would have 4: North Tower, South Tower, North Ground, South Ground and associated frequencies. The player selects as many positions that they want to control. The remaining positions be AI controlled or Multiplayer controlled. Allow for more than 1 aircraft per minute. Achievements should not reset when you reset statistics. Having statistics for each airport would be nice. Add the ability to have a more complex points system. Right now +10 for each takeoff and landing. If SID & Starts/Exit Points are added additional points if you get the airplane on the right runway (i.e. KLAX departures to the north use 24L while departures south and east use 25R). Also extra point if sent to the correct departure and frequency.
  7. KLGA is from Sim Smith Design not ND. I have not heard anything from this company since early 2018.
  8. To add some additional suggestions to crbascott's post above: Add a Schedule dropdown menu to the airport select screen that allows the user to select a schedule. The list would be dynamically generated by reading schedule info files found in the airport directory. The schedule info files can be a simple text file that lists the Schedule name, schedule maker (FeelThere, ND, user, etc), schedule version, airport file (can be the global file), airlines file (global or custom), terminal file, and the flight schedule file. This would allow for multiple schedules, terminal files to exist in the airport directory. When Real Traffic is updated, it won't wipe out custom schedules. This will allow for users to easily add downloadable custom schedules from the community along with new schedules or historic schedules available as DLC from either FeelThere or ND or other content provider. This would allow users to switch to other schedules without having to replace game files. Version info would help resolve mutliplayer schedule issues. By default there will be the Default or FeelThere Schedule with its airlines. If you install ND Real Traffic then there would be an option for Real Traffic. We could get official schedules for different day, historic schedules with Pan Am, TWA, Eastern, etc).
  9. Sim Smith Design, makers of LaGuardia (KLGA), also made Torotnto (CYYZ) for Tower!2011. They stated that they were doing another airport after LaGuardia, but silence since. London Heathrow (EGLL) for Tower!2011 was made by Simulated Designs. I have not heard anything from this company since the release of Tower!3D Pro. Since the same developers have been making the same airports for Tower!3D pro as was made for Tower!2011, there is not much hope for EGLL unless another developer picks it up.
  10. I tried the text version at KBOS with planes landing on 4R and taxing to the terminal via Y 33R N A and it works. Unfortunately I was not able to get planes to use 33L to N. That would save a long slow taxi down the active runway. It would be nice if tower2d.rec can be updated to use runway numbers as taxi routes even if its not perfect but it would be better than we have now.
  11. It would also be nice if there is an update to the default game airports, to add the cargo area to TIST since it is missing. A tower model would also be nice. It would allow the custom schedule to work as intended since there is no separate GA and Cargo areas as currently in the game.
  12. @aviator64 I believe the issue is not a bug but it is how the current version is designed. FeelThere have stated that they may look into this issue when they develop the next version of Tower!3D. We have the same issue with crossing runways at Boston La Guardia and Las Vegas when trying to do realistic operations. Currrently you cannot have 2 airplanes on the same runway until you get the credit for the plane taking off or landed before having the second plane interact with the runway.
  13. All transactions from the Feel There website are handled by BT Micro. You need to contact BT Micro (orders@bmtmicro.com) and include your name and The invoice number of your order. They usually respond within 1 business day. It is a good idea to keep a copy of all your receipts for this game.
  14. @winsaudi I fixed the post and added the missing airlines. It should be better for dealing with airports that have old airline files and new airports with updated airlines files.
  15. I have an issue of out of sync airline files in my program due to changes in airline codes. I thought HOP code was wrong. Thanks for the report. Well I guess I will be doing some debugging.
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