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  1. PERFECT!!! His tip was of great value, with the observation of the parameters, made by Budman9mm finally concluded my doubts. I was able to map all the commands in my home cockpit! I would like to thank everyone for their attention and help. Thank you very much!!!
  2. Calculate??? Wow! Now I did not understand anything! What to calculate? And how to calculate? Thank you in advance!
  3. Hello Thomas, how are you? I found the documents that speak of PMDG mapping, however, in FSUIPC does not have the option to choose the same. Do I have to make any modifications to a file? Or some file replacement? Thank you! Diogo Alencar
  4. Hello, I recently purchased FSUIPC 4 for P3D. Previously, I used FSUIPC for FS2004 and created the macros to command keys in the most complex aircraft, such as the 737 PMDG, Digital Aviation Cheyenne, FSD Navajo, etc. In P3D, I can not create the macros! When clicking on create the mouse macros, and when the key is pressed with the mouse in P3D, nothing happens (before, it appeared a green stripe with the codes). How do I assign the buttons and keys with this new FSUIPC, for example, a simple light taxi key of the 737 NGX PMDG? I read the .h file from the PMDG SDK, it speaks o
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