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    Simon, Thanks for your response. The name of the airline is Viva Colombia and the call sign is the same.
  2. XAL


    I've added a new airline with flight plans in Prepar3Dv4 while using UTL. The airline appears in P3d. In STB the line with the flight appears, but under airline it says "NONE" I have added the Call sign, Airline name, IATA code, ICAO Code, Flight Type under Objects (Edit Airline. I have added the logo into the logos folder. How do I get rid of the "NONE" and have it recognize the airline.
  3. Thanks for your response. There are some things that are still not clear. I can live with them. Another question that I have, is where do the airport names that are posted on the board come from? Is there a database within STB or do they come from the flight plans. There is no consistent naming pattern that is apparent.
  4. I am trying to understand logically how STB works with P3dv4 and UTLive. On my STB, which I run on a separate computer than P3dv4, one of the headers that I have selected is FS State. Under FS State I can see Preflight Support, Clearance (for clearance delivery), Pushback1, Pushback 2, Taxi etc. It appears that once the FS State changes to Preflight Support, a a destination appears and if the STB is started at that point a flight number appears. My question(s) are: If STB is able to determine a destination when FS State changes to Preflight Support and sometimes add a flight number if it is re-started at that point or at "Clearance" why is it not able to fill in all the blanks with an update from the information in P3d. Also in real life at the point of "Clearance" not only is the departure time, destination known but also the flight number. From a logical perspective, at "Clearance" all of the information is known, and can be confirmed by listening to ATC. It appears that the information is available from UTLive, however the update cycle with STB is not always the same. I love STB and not being critical of it. I'm just trying to understand the process better. Thanks
  5. XAL

    Incorrect Gate Allocations

    I am having the issue as described running P3Dv3 UTLive and STB

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