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  1. Hello Hi every one I have now bought a real color bundle for the tower! 3D how do I install it before I Airlines for the white airplanes?
  2. +Sky King I have read your post. Tell me what do you mean by this: So? Are you a moderator ???? :/
  3. Many thanks to you all for your help and suggestions, it's very steering wheel that you could give me some help. I have become very clever with the airlines. But my PC will still not approve / start speech recognition. but I wanted to talk to Microsoft or the store where I bought a PC about how I could get it up. It's not because I can not figure it out or I do not understand what I'm saying I should do. It's my computer that comes with an error message when I try to start speech recognition. And again Many thanks to you all that was a great help. :)
  4. Hi thank you for your help. but i have real color for LAX airport, and there are still no airlines on the airplanes? How do I get voice command to work, you can deepen your answer
  5. Hello I have some issues that I hope you can help me? Nr. 1: I have bought real traffic to the Tower! 3D pro and when I start the game there are realistic airplanes, but not real airlines as it is on the many online shops website that sells real traffic. The airplanes are white and have no paint on such as, for example. Delta Airlines or American Airline no airlines at all. Nr. 2: How do I get voice command to seem I press (Left shift) and talk but nothing happens. Can you help me with these two things?
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