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  1. Thanks for the quick response Pete. I'll investigate the Findwindow API and see if it will detect an undocked ATC window. Cheers, Dave W
  2. Hello Pete, I have an VB6 FlightSim utility that plays live streaming ATC from the web using Flight Simulator's Comm frequencies as a means of tuning them in. There is one feature (in the application) that I have not been able to implement and that is to automatically mute my application whenever Flight Simulator's ATC is active. Are there any FSUIPC offsets that would let me know when Flight Simulator's ATC audio is playing or when the ATC window is being displayed? I've searched the forum for "ATC" but couldn't find any topics that answered the question. Hope you can help. Thanks, Dave
  3. Sorry, there's nothing like that available at present. I'll try to get some stuff done on ATC, but it will have to wait till well after FS9 release. I did look way back, soon after FS2002 release, but I couldn't find anything. Pete Thanks Pete, ...No wonder I wasn't successful with FSInterogate! :?
  4. Hello All, I'm looking for an FSUIPC offset that will indicate when the ATC window is being displayed on the screen in FS2002 (or when an ATC sound is playing). I've tried to find one using FSInterrogate, but no luck yet. Thanks, Dave W
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