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  1. Thank you for the quick answer and your help. The needle movement is concerned to the SIOC servo card and of course your temperature range is sufficient so my problem is not the length of the Offset. I wish i could get such a good support for FSUIPC also for SIOC by opencockpits... Thank you again, Thilo
  2. Hello, for my servo driven TAT indicator (Offset 11D0) i need 4 needle movements from 0° up and down and below 0° down and up. Is that possible with 2 Byte Offset lenght? And if not, can i change the Offset length to 4 Bytes?
  3. Here is the SIOC script. The lower TAT part. J79.txt
  4. Hello, i am working on a compressor inlet temperature (CIT) indicator. This temperature is rising up to 130° C in supersonic range and is limiting the IAS to approx. 730 knots IAS. The values of CIT are equal to TAT or FSUIPC Offset 11D0. The logging read out S16 works perfect.The Offset length is 2 Bytes. I try to connect my servo gauge (SIOC servo Card) and the indicator works great at positive temperatures. From 0°C to 135°C and down to 0°C. But below 0°C it is not working. the servo is jumping to a crazy value . My SIOC script should be correct ( tried everything), but is it possible
  5. Hello Pete, ok, the ADI is also called Primary flight Display (Airbus),e.g. artifical horizon. That`s the thing you look on to see your flight attitude, pitch and bank !In modern airplane`s you can switch a flight director (cross bar or V bar) on it, but i am sure you know what i am talking about. The F-104 starfighter had an ADI (attitude direction indicator). That`s the same thing.The ADI is linked to the INS platform. The INS gives the pitch and bank (attitude) information the the artifical horizon. That`s what the IRS does in the Airbus` PFD. I have no working INS Syste
  6. Oh, ok! I thought it should be possible to align an IRS in a P3D Simulator by rotary mouse switching the IRS selector switches (3x in an A320 for example ) from Off via ALIGN to NAV. And how do you switch on the attitude direction indicator then? In the FSUIPC5 " 2016 List of FSX and P3D controls.PDF" there is, indeed, no assignment for IRS or INS alignment switching or toggle switching.I created 2 Joystick buttons with an original INS control panel (INS Rotary selector OFF-ALIGN-NAV)but now i have no possibility to switch on the INS.Did a mouse macro help in this situation?I want
  7. Hello Pete, i configurated my original F-104 INS align panel with 2 button assignments. One joystick button is for align and the other for NAV mode. The really important mode is the NAV mode, because i need it to use the attitude direction indicator.(Like most other Airbuses or Boeings have with their IRS)Is there any FSUIPC5 Control for INS or IRS align or NAV?
  8. Great, that`s how it works. Thank you so much Pete, i did how you instructed.I installed outside the System Driver (C:) and installed FSUIPC5 again as admin. and now the landing gear function is stored perfect. That is really an excellent support from you. Thank you again for your patience! With retracted gear the F-104 goes so much faster and higher....
  9. Yes, the engine start Switch based on engine 1 autostart in FSUIPC5 reloads perfect. But i was always talking about the landing gear up and down function, that does not reload."still no storage of my button commands" of course refered to the landing gear function, Ok, thanks again i will try to start Explorer as Administrator. I also suppose that i am looking at the wrong places.It`s not that easy for me, because in german language there are a lot of other words for data files etc. and ,obviously, i am not an expert.The hint for the storage of P3D is also good.Thank you!
  10. Now it`s FSUIPC5.DLL in the modules Folder.But still no storage of my button commands in P3D. At first time it works great, and after restart of P3D nothing happens. Then i have to programm the gear functions again and it works fine. Especially i do not understand why the engine start button is stored perfectly in FSUIPC5 but the gear Buttons are not.
  11. No, FSUIPC5 is not FSUIPC5.DLL. It is just FSUIPC5 in the modules folder and marked as a words data file.If i click on properties i can see, that it is a DLL data file. So i reinstalled again and it is again marked as a words data file.How can i Change that it is marked as FSUIPC5.DLL in the modules Folder?
  12. Hello Pete, thanks for your help. I did what you instructed .In the P3D modules folder are the following files: -FSUIPC Documents -FSUIPC5 Install -FSUIPC5 -FSUIPC5.key Then i checked the permissions and i ticked the first 6 of 7 entries. Everything looks fine. I have to check again the hardware. If i find a solution i keep you informed. Thanks again, Thilo
  13. Yes, thank you,that`s right. And my horrible english makes it much more difficult for me to understand all the instruction files. The version is, indeed, FSUIPC 5.121a. I am considering about a hardware problem. The gear Lever is an original F-104 starfighter gear lever. It needs 24V ( removing ground logic)and then it is configurated via Leo bodnar board as joystick buttons. 2 buttons for up and down.That means one button (down) is continuosly pressed when the P3D is started.Before tkoff i have to programm the button signals up and down without any profile settings. After tkof
  14. Yes, i did in the FSUIPC Options and Settings, but the profiles are not stored and also changes in buttons like gear down and up is not stored. Everytime i close the P3D and start again i have to programm everything again. And sorry for using the term folder instead of file.I am not an expert, but i obviously have to be one. Thanks for your quick reply, Thilo
  15. Yes, i have the same problem. Today (19.09.2017) i installed again, and still no INI folder. I never used FSUIPC before and P3DV4 is also installed new. So i am not able to create any profiles or something and changes are also not stored!!! Need help !!!
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