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  1. I go do that tommorow. Thanks sor your service!
  2. Ok. I'm out of options. I don't know whats wrong than.
  3. Hai, Now i got the also problems with my Aerosoft Airbus series. They don't work but when i delete FSUIPC is works. But i need FSUIPC. Same for the EMBRAER from FeelThere Greetz
  4. Hai, Oops... https://gyazo.com/ea74010b925fe77142a74af1f96ab0ec Thanks for saying finally i can playing <3 Woops.. I go do that. 5.12 Glenn
  5. Hey! I'm having a problem, I bought the PMDG 747 2 weeks ago. Only when I load this in the P3D V4, he spawns with black screens and his joystick fully to the left and without gear. If I remove FSUIPC then everything will work. Same with the IVAP client. IVAO Traffic I only see black aircraft but when I uninstall FSUIPC, everything works back. Does anyone know a solution? It is the latest version of FSUIPC. Sincerely Glenn Callens
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